NEWS | June 11, 2014

Weapons Station joins annual 'Feds Feed Families' campaign

By Shawn Miller, Naval District Washington public affairs and Eric Sesit, Joint Base Charleston public affairs

The Department of the Navy recently joined the government-wide "Feds Feed Families" campaign to donate food and help combat hunger in local communities across the country.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture leads the campaign, running from June 1 through the end of August, with support from the Department of Defense, Chief Human Capital Officers Council and other federal agencies.

Here in Charleston, Third Class Petty Officer Ezra Burns is spearheading the Navy's food drive. Burns, a religious program specialist at All Saints Chapel on the Weapons Station, said, "Locally, we work with the Lowcountry Food Bank. Last year we collected more 3,240 pounds of food. This year we would like to raise our goal by 10 percent."

According to Burns, food collection barrels are already being placed at commands around the Weapons Station.

"I check with each command every week," said Burns. "If the barrels are full, we go out and collect that food and deliver it to the food bank."

While food banks typically see large amounts of food on their shelves over the winter months, donations typically trail off after the holidays are over.

Last year, the overall federal campaign brought in nine million pounds of food in the three-month summer program, with DON contributing 1.2 million pounds of the 1.8 million pounds from the DOD.

Personnel wishing to donate should place non-perishable food items in designated boxes at their workplace. To give directly to food banks in support of the Feds Feed Families campaign, donations must be weighed at the receiving food banks and personnel should bring a receipt to their command for management purposes.

Monetary donations may be made through the Religious Offerings Fund at the Weapons Station chapel. Each dollar is the equivalent to five pounds of food.

If you're command is interested in participating in the Feds Feeds Family food drive, contact Petty Officer Burns at 794-7222 or visit