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NEWS | July 21, 2014

Peak moving season

By 437th Aerial Port Squadron

With the busy summer moving season already upon us, the Joint Base Charleston Traffic Management Office would like to pass on some key household moving tips.
All personnel moving during the summer months should be aware of the high volume of moves during the peak moving months of July and August. It is imperative members log into the Defense Personal Property Program at, as soon as they receive their signed orders.

Plan to be flexible when selecting a pickup date for your household goods. Never schedule a pickup on the closing date of the residence, the last day of residency in an apartment or the day of termination of a lease, or the day a cleaning crew is to start cleaning the residence/quarters. Scheduling pickup on these days leaves no room to adjust for unforeseen problems. Additionally, it's a good idea to leave the telephone and other utilities connected until all property has been picked up.

Limited capability during peak season means that not everyone can move on the last day of the month. Be prepared to provide alternate move dates which will allow flexibility in the event your preferred dates can't be met. In most cases, the actual pack, pick-up and delivery dates will be negotiated directly between you and the Transportation Service Provider during the pre-move survey.

You should expect one pack day for every 4,000 pounds of estimated weight. The TSP is required to perform a pre-move survey at least five days prior to the requested pickup date. This pre-move survey may be performed in person or over the telephone.

A good move depends largely on how much you get involved and are prepared. Log onto and read the valuable information under the "Preparing for Your Move" section.

If you have any further questions, contact us at 963-2261/2253 (Air Base) or 794-7575/7595 (Weapons Station).