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NEWS | Sept. 24, 2014

MEDGROUP preparing for flu season

By 628th Medical Group

Cooler weather is quickly arriving and the 628th Medical Group is preparing now for flu season.

The 628th MDG now has the injectable form of influenza vaccine for children ages 6 months to 35 months old.

They have also received a limited supply of live influenza (FluMist version) vaccine. At this time, due to limited quantities, the FluMist vaccine will only be available to deployers and first responders ...medical, security forces and fire department personnel.

The targeted population for vaccination will be expanded as more vaccine supply is received. The MDG will be coordinating with individual units to set up a vaccination plan. 

FluMist is FDA approved for ages 2 to 49 years old. FluMist is not recommended for patients with long-term health problems (i.e. breathing, kidneys, liver, pregnant, weakened immune system, or nervous system problems). Patients with contraindications for the FluMist will need to receive the injected influenza vaccine.

The 628th MDG currently does not have the injectable influenza vaccine for adults at this time. Updates will be released as soon as more vaccine is available.