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NEWS | Oct. 10, 2014

Fraud, waste and abuse

By Joint Base Charleston Office of Special Investigations

Fraud, waste and abuse investigations are a responsibility of the Air Force Office of Special Investigations and we need your help in identifying and reporting fraudulent activities.

While a significant amount of AFOSI resources are designated to investigate fraud allegations, the Joint Base Charleston community is truly our greatest asset and can assist in identifying fraud, waste and abuse.  In the past few years, AFOSI has recovered more than a billion dollars defrauded from the Air Force worldwide. While this is a staggering amount of money, it is estimated that only 10 percent of fraudulent activity is identified and reported.  Imagine how much more could be recovered if more people were better informed about what to look for and the different reporting options. 

What is fraud? 

How do I know what to look for? 

How do I report it? 

Can I report it anonymously? 

All of those are great questions.

Fraud is defined as the crime of obtaining money or some other benefit by deliberate deception. It can be theft of money, services, supplies, etc. Unfortunately it's not always that simple or obvious. Fraud is found in many forms such as product substitution, bribery, identity theft, money laundering, embezzlement and submitting false documentation. An easy example is a services contractor who is supposed to vacuum your office floors once a week. However, the contractor only does it once every two weeks. A more complex example is a construction contractor who uses materials that are manufactured in a foreign country that violates the Buy American Act. 

Since there are too many examples and indicators to cover here, just remember that if you suspect it, there is a reason and your next step should be to contact AFOSI or at least someone in your chain of command. Give OSI the opportunity to assess the information provided and determine if there is a need to further investigate. 

There are three options to report suspected crimes to AFOSI and remain completely anonymous, regardless of the nature of the suspected crime:

1. You can report fraud by coming directly to our office located at 102 South Graves Avenue, building 203 or by phone at 963-3248.
2. For anonymous reporting, Text "AFOSI" and your tip to 274637 (CRIMES).  There is also a Smartphone app you can download from your mobile provider's marketplace called TipSubmit. 

3. Report online:  Go to You can also find the link and instructions for submitting anonymous tips at our website

Anyone wanting a one-on-one or unit briefing from AFOSI on fraud indicators call OSI at 963-3248 and a briefing will be scheduled.