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NEWS | Oct. 20, 2014

Utility Allowance Program coming to Air Base housing

By Forest City Military Communities

As part of the final development plan for Forest City Military Communities on the Air Base, utility meters will be installed in all the homes. Forest City Military Communities on the Air Base is now in the final stages of metering the homes. 

The Air Force Utility Allowance program, or UA, is a program created by the Air Force to encourage energy conservation among service members living in privatized housing by keeping their utility consumption within the average usage among the same types of homes in their housing area. Once the development plan is complete, the intent is for service members to use the utility component of their basic allowance for housing to cover the utility expense.

While programs may differ slightly base-to-base, the premise is that if a family's utility consumption stays within the baseline average, they will not incur out-of-pocket expenses. The UA program allows for a mock billing period prior to starting the actual billing process so residents will be introduced to the UA program. The goal of mock billing is to make residents aware of their energy consumption, familiarize them with their utility statements, allow them to see how their current consumption reflects against the baseline average, and to encourage them to reduce energy consumption.

Forest City does not expect to begin the UA program at Joint Base Charleston until late 2015 or even 2016. As the time for mock billing approaches there will be additional information provided to residents as well as regularly scheduled community meetings to assure all residents are apprised of the program, and understand how the UA will affect their family.

For questions, contact Forest City at 552-0600.