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NEWS | Oct. 24, 2014

Winter is coming

By Airman 1st Class Clayton Cupit Joint Base Charleston Public Affairs

It's almost that time of the year again. The time when leaves begin to fall, the daylight hours grow shorter and there's a chill in the air.

With cold weather approaching, take these precautionary steps now to equip yourself with the correct gear and know the appropriate way to wear it.

Air Force

When wearing your Airman Battle Uniform, remember, outerwear is only worn while outdoors and must be zipped and buttoned up to the chest. Also, in order to wear the knit watch cap, you must wear appropriate outerwear, such as the ABU APECS or Fleece. Be sure to update your fleece with your proper rank insignia. You must wear your sand t-shirt under your outerwear.

While in your physical training uniform, if you choose to wear the knit watch cap, it will be plain, solid black, dark blue or sage green without logos and may only be worn while wearing the PTU jacket or long sleeve sweat-shirt. Gloves will be black or dark blue leather, knitted, tricot or suede without logos. The green or black fleece is not authorized to be worn with the PTU.

The lightweight blue jacket can only be worn with the service uniform and can be worn over the pullover and cardigan sweaters. It may be worn indoors or outdoors and also must remain zipped at least halfway. Women may wear the male version of the lightweight blue jacket.

Cardigans can be buttoned or unbuttoned when worn indoors, but must be completely buttoned when worn outdoors. Shirt collars may be inside or outside of the cardigan. Tie/tab is optional.

When wearing the blue pullover sweater, nametags will not be worn. Tie/tab is optional and the shirt collar may be inside or outside of the sweater.

For more specific U.S. Air Force uniform questions, consult AFI 36-2903.


While wearing the Navy Working Uniform, the Navy knit watch cap (when authorized by appropriate authority) may be worm during cold weather conditions that may result in personal injury if not worn.

Undershirts will be navy blue, cotton, quarter-length sleeve, with an elliptical (crew-neck) collar. Organizational issued or personally purchased thermal underwear is authorized to be worm underneath the NWU undershirt and trousers. Thermal underwear will not be visible when worn underneath the undershirt.

The black pullover mock "T" sweater is authorized for wear with the NWU.  The sweater will be worn over the undershirt and beneath the NWU shirt.

The black fleece liner is authorized to be worn as a stand-alone outerwear worn with the NWU Type I.  When wearing as an optional garment, the fleece will be worn over the NWU blouse zippered at lease 3/4 of the way and must have a sewn on center chest tab.  The fleece liner will provides extra comfort and protection during mild conditions.

Black gloves may be worn with peacoats/reefers, overcoats, all-weather coats, windbreakers, black jackets, NWU Parka and Black Fleece Liner in inclement weather.

The Navy black relax fit jacket is authorized for wear in lieu of the Service Dress Blue coat. The black relax fit jacket is authorized for daily wear to and from work, in public places and for attending working level meetings/briefings, but is not authorized for ceremonies, high level meetings/briefings, or when conducting business on Capitol Hill.

For specific U.S. Navy uniform questions, consult NAVPERS 15665I.