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NEWS | Oct. 28, 2014

Task Force evaluating Lambs and Hunley Park Elementary Schools

By Joint Base Charleston School Liaison officer

The Community Task Force evaluating the future of Lambs and Hunley Park Elementary Schools, continues to explore configuration options. The task force team includes principals, teachers, parents and community partners for both schools.  Dr. James Winbush, associate superintendent, is facilitating the process. 

The Task Force's mission is to "evaluate the current configuration of Hunley Park and Lambs to determine the best educational opportunities for our scholars."

Five options are currently being considered. They are listed in the meeting minutes emailed by Forest City to all residents of the Air Base. Pro and cons for each are being developed in preparation for the next community meeting. The listing will also be posted on the School Liaison Officer Facebook Page.

Any decision, other than leaving the schools as they are, would change the structure of our elementary schools starting next year. This will have a direct impact on all residents, especially when Hunley Park Housing Area is closed. Your voice is important.   

Community Meetings are scheduled from 5:30-7 p.m.:

Thursday, November 6 - Lambs Elementary School
Wednesday, November 19 - Hunley Park Elementary School

If you are unable to attend, you may submit questions or comments to the school principal, parent representatives or the School Liaison Officer. 

The School Liaison Officer will regularly update information on Facebook at "JB Charleston School Liaison Office." He can also be reached at and (843) 963-4438.