NEWS | Oct. 29, 2014

Dining facility undergoes changes for the better

By Senior Airman George Goslin Joint Base Charleston Public Affairs

The Gaylor Dining Facility on Joint Base Charleston recently changed to a new operating system. It has moved to a new system called Corporate Automated Food Enterprise, or CAFÉ.

"The new CAFÉ program will eventually be implemented Air Force wide,"  said Tech. Sgt. Harvey Greenwood, 628th Force Support Squadron dining facility manager. "There is some control of the menu  at the local level, but in a lot of circumstances you may see some of the same things being served on the same days at different bases."

The CAFÉ system was implemented Oct. 14, 2014, and brings with it a 21-day cyclic menu, as opposed to the previous 14-day menu cycle. The new schedule allows for healthier and fresher additions to the food choices offered to DFAC patrons, like fresh herbs, fruits and vegetables. 

Every day the DFAC receives shipments of fresh, frozen and non-perishable food, but how it is prepared is now different. The CAFÉ' system broadens the menu selections, opening up culinary choices to more than 700 different recipes for entrees, sides, salads and more, paving the way for themed meals and new ways to prepare classic ones. 

"There is a slight price increase because of the fresher ingredients,  but it shouldn't be significant, especially when the facility's food choices are better for our Airmen's health," said Greenwood.

Since Airmen living on base are the DFAC's primary customers, the benefits they receive far outweigh any negligible  price increases.

CAFÉ will also expedite wait times. Airmen living in the dorms can now simply scan their Common Access Cards and proceed through the lines as opposed to entering their social security numbers under the old system.

These reduced wait times are sure to be a hit, especially when the dining facility is seeing almost 600 patrons a day; the busiest meal being lunch. Tack on an additional 500 food items to the DFAC's inventory, and you have a good reason to visit the DFAC even if you're not a dorm resident.