NEWS | Jan. 13, 2015

Civilian Expeditionary Workforce – Sign up for the opportunity of a lifetime

By U.S. Central Command CEW Program

Use your experience and expertise to support Department of Defense Operations Overseas by volunteering to deploy as a member of the Civilian Expeditionary Workforce.

The U.S. Central Command CEW allows current DoD civilian employees to use their initiative, capabilities, experience, skill and knowledge in support of the DoD in accomplishing its overseas mission.  Employees interested in applying their expertise in a challenging, austere, and unique environment can volunteer for positions supporting the U.S. military in the CENTCOM area of responsibility.  Deployable civilians are needed to fill critical vacancies in Afghanistan and other locations within the CENTCOM AOR. Volunteering to deploy provides an extraordinary opportunity to exercise your talents and expertise while directly supporting operations in support our National Security objectives.

Traveling and living abroad

Currently, priority deployment opportunities are in Afghanistan, although there may be limited positions available in Iraq, Kuwait, and Qatar. While deployed, you will live and reside in a variety of US or North Atlantic Treaty Organization bases with US and partner nation military and government colleagues.  Locations vary in size and environment and each position provides for a slightly unique experience for which you will be thoroughly trained and equipped to succeed.

Enhance your career while supporting our national strategic objectives

Working in a deployed environment, while both mentally challenging and stimulating, may also be arduous at times.  Operating in this kind of environment builds skills and character that greatly enhances your professional as well as personal development.  The CEW Program offers an unparalleled career enrichment opportunity that allows you to augment your resume and set yourself apart from your peers. 

Having the ability to support your country's mission, and augment our military is a unique opportunity that will bring a sense of camaraderie and satisfaction of achievement that few civilians will ever experience.  We are rebuilding Nations and providing regional stability.  Opportunities exist across a multitude of disciplines to include accounting, auditing, engineering, logistics and transportation.  Seize the opportunity to advance the CENTCOM mission while enhancing your career experience.


Currently the U.S. CENTCOM is looking for qualified permanent DoD employees in the following career fields: Electronic and Equipment Maintenance, General Business and Industry Series, Engineering and Architecture Series, Production Control Series, Food Services Series, Financial Administration and Program Series, Computer Engineering Series, General Inspection, Investigation, Enforcement, and Compliance Series (IG), General Attorneys, Auditing Series, Public Affairs Series, Transportation Operations Series, Management and Program Analysis Series, Operations Research Series, and International Relations Series.


Increased Pay

As a deployed civilian, you may be eligible for 35 percent differential pay for post differential; 35percent differential pays for hazardous duty; as well as overtime compensation, in addition to your base salary. An example of the pay schedule for a GS-14, Step 1, serving in Afghanistan, is below:

Pay Type
(All pay is taxable)
Annual Bi-Weekly Hourly
Basic Pay $84,697.00 $3,246.40 $40.58
Rest of United States
$11,993.10          --            --
Adjusted Pay
(Basic + Locality)
$96,690.10 $3,706.38 $46.33
Danger Pay
(35% of Adjusted Pay)
$33,841.53 $1,297.23 $16.22
Post Differential Pay
(35% of Adjusted Pay)
$33,841.53 $1,297.23 $16.22
Total Pay
(Adjusted + Danger + Post Diff)
$164,373.16 $6,300.84 $78.76


Are you considering a civilian deployment experience? Congratulations! Your experience and knowledge are greatly needed!  CENTCOM will soon be advertising all our civilian detail opportunities on USA JOBs.  We also encourage current DoD employees to send their resume directly to CCJ3CEW@CENTCOM.MIL

Department of the Army employees should submit the endorsement of their command leadership along with an application and their resume to the Assistant G-1 for Civilian Personnel CEW team.  Full details of the Army application process are available on the CPOL.Army.Mil CEW website at

Department of the Air Force civilian employees who wish to support the CEW program must first fully coordinate an Air Force application before volunteering on the CEW website for deployment consideration.  Full details of the Air Force application process are available at