NEWS | Feb. 26, 2015

75 day leave carryover ends Sept. 30, use it or lose it

By 628th Air Base Wing Public Affairs

For service members who carryover 75 days of leave, the time has come to use it or lose it.

Effective Sept. 30, 2015, in accordance with the 2013 National Defense Authorization Act, military members will no longer be able to carry more than 60 days of leave into the next fiscal year.

The 2010 NDAA included a provision that allowed members to carry up to 75 days of leave forward to the next fiscal year because of limited leave opportunities due to deployments and other mission requirements. The 2013 NDAA extended that provision through the end of the 2015 fiscal year.

"Airmen need to be aware of the change so that they can plan leave accordingly and ensure their leave balance is 60 days or fewer by the end of the fiscal year," said 1st Lt. Nate Strickland, the Air Force Personnel Center special programs branch chief. "Even if you don't have more than 60 days now, by Sept. 30, you may accrue enough leave time to be over the limit."

There are certain circumstances where service members may be exempted from the use-or-lose rule.

Special leave accrual approval is for Airmen who couldn't use their leave because of a national emergency, crisis, catastrophe or national security situations, said Strickland.

"SLA is only granted when Airmen cannot take leave under those circumstances," the lieutenant said.

Certain Sailors also have specific exceptions.

Sailors with more leave days than the authorized carryover limit, who are also assigned to hostile fire or imminent danger pay areas or deployed on a ship or mobile unit for at least 60 continuous days, may apply for special leave accrual to retain any excess leave days. This request is typically done at the command level. Instructions on how to apply for and administer SLA are outlined in MILPERSMAN 1050-070.

Sailors are encouraged to work with their commands to manage their leave balances throughout FY15.

Airmen and Sailors with questions about the change in the leave policy should contact their respective personnel centers.

Airmen can contact the Total Force Service Center at (210) 565-0102, and Sailors should contact their local Personnel Support Detachment or call the NPC Customer Service Center at 866-827-5672.

Chief of Naval Personnel Public Affairs and the Air Force Personnel Center contributed to this article.

Debbie Gildea with the Air Force Personnel Center Public Affairs contributed to this article.