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NEWS | May 12, 2015

Importance of Virtual Record of Emergency Data

By Colleen Boggs Joint Bse Charleston Casualty Assistance representative

Why is it important to keep your Virtual Record of Emergency Data current? It is important because when completed, it becomes an official and legal document that provides the military with your wishes should you be in a missing, injured or deceased casualty status. Specifically, the vRED:

· Provides the names and addresses of the persons to be notified in case of an 
emergency, sickness or death

· Is a guide for the disposition of your pay and allowances if captured, missing or deceased

· Serves as the official record of the beneficiaries designated to receive death gratuity

· Designates the Person Authorized to Direct Disposition of remains, often referred to as "the PADD"

· Designates a non-medical attendant in the event of an injury

· Provides other pertinent information to assist the casualty office in notifying your next of kin in the event you become a casualty

When should you update your vRED?

Generally, you are responsible for verifying the information contained on the vRED annually. There are some other instances where you will be required to verify the information, regardless of when you last updated it. These include:

· Upon reporting to a new duty station

· When tasked with a TDY in excess of 30 days

· Prior to all deployments, regardless of length

· Prior to departure on PCS orders

· Marriage or divorce

· Birth or adoption of a child

As the JB Charleston Casualty Assistance representative, I have unfortunately dealt with casualty cases where vRED and Servicemember's Group Life Insurance information was not current. What happens? Former spouses can receive death gratuity and/or SGLI payments. Next-of-kin do not receive prompt and official Air Force notification. Benefits and entitlements are delayed. Improper person is in charge of your estate and can be making decisions for you when you are incapacitated. Take a couple minutes and login to vMPF to ensure your wishes are properly documented. You can also update SGLI beneficiaries and percentages at the Military Personnel Flight at Customer Support, which is located in building 503. Any changes made must be done in person, with a wet ink signature.