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NEWS | June 1, 2015

AIR MOBILITY COMMAND: 23 Years of Global Reach for America

By Air Mobility Command Public Affairs

Today, Air Mobility Command celebrates 23 year of unrivaled Global Reach, with a rich heritage dating back decades.

A new era in air power history began when AMC was born at Scott Air Force Base, Ill. June 1, 1992, after the Military Airlift Command and the Strategic Air Command were inactivated.  Elements of those two organizations, MAC's worldwide airlift system and SAC's KC-10 and KC-135 tanker force, combined to form AMC. The new command was assigned approximately 155,035 military and civilian personnel, including 85,765 active duty, 46,561 Air Force reservists, and 22,709 Air National Guard men and women.

Today, more than 118,000 active-duty, Air National Guard, Air Force Reserve Command and Department of Defense civilians make AMC's unrivaled global mobility operations possible.

For 23 years, AMC Airmen have played a key role in the nation's most notable warfighting operations in Afghanistan and Iraq; peacekeeping missions and operational efforts in Bosnia, Somalia, Rwanda and East Timor and Libya; and humanitarian response in Turkey, Honduras, Afghanistan, Haiti, and most recently, Nepal.

Mobility Airmen have become the heart of rapid global mobility - putting the "global" in Global Vigilance, Global Reach, and Global Power for America.

(Kathy Gunn, Air Mobility Wing History Office, contributed to this article.)