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NEWS | July 31, 2015

Justice Files: Courts-Martial

By Capt. Ekaterina Korulina 628th Air Base Wing Legal Office

The Airman of Joint Base Charleston referenced below was convicted at a summary court-martial and action was taken on his conviction during June of 2015.

Airmen who are convicted at a special or general court martial are considered to have a federal conviction. Sentences at a special court-martial can be up to one year in jail, a Bad Conduct Discharge (or a dismissal for Officers), reduction in grade to E-1 for enlisted members, and forfeiture of 2/3rds pay per month for 12 months. 

Sentences at a general court-martial vary widely according to the charged crimes. A general court-martial, if the accused is convicted of the appropriate crime, can sentence a member to the maximum punishment authorized by the Uniform Code of Military Justice based on the crime for which the member was convicted, up to and including life in prison, or even death, if authorized for that offense.

437th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron
A senior airman was tried by a special court-martial for violating Article 112a and Article 92, UCMJ.  The member was charged with one specification of wrongful use of cocaine, one specification of wrongful possession of Alprazolam, one specification of wrongfully storing firearms on Joint Base Charleston, S.C., without registering the said firearms with the 628th Security Forces Squadron, and one specification of wrongfully failing to store ammunition in a locked container separate from any firearms. The member was convicted pursuant to his pleas of violation of Article 112a and Article 92, UCMJ.   Punishment adjudged at the court-martial was reduction to the rank of airman basic, forfeiture of $1,031 per month for seven months, to be confined at the Naval Consolidated Brig for seven months, and a bad conduct discharge.