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NEWS | Aug. 25, 2015

Important Things to Know about the RelayHealth (MiCare) Secure Messaging System

By 628th Medical Group

Do you want to communicate with your healthcare team without dealing with annoying telephone trees or scheduling an appointment?  If so, MiCare is the solution!  MiCare is an online secure messaging service that allows patients to communicate with their healthcare team at the 628th Medical Group or the Naval Health Clinic Charleston located at the Weapons Station on Joint Base Charleston. MiCare offers safe and secure communication between patients and their healthcare team from the privacy and convenience of home or office even while traveling abroad.

MiCare allows patients to:
· Request your next appointment
· Request medication renewals
· Receive lab and test results
· Communicate with your healthcare team about non-urgent issues
· Request a copy of your immunization records
· Access a large library of education and self-help materials

MiCare also allows patients to receive a wide variety of messages including responses to inquiries, messages from providers and appointment reminders. Plus, MiCare has been implemented by the Air Force worldwide.  Once registered, patients remain in the MiCare system no matter where the Air Force takes them.

Registering for MiCare is easy.  Patients can enroll online at or at Or, enroll in person at the 628th Medical Group's Family Health Clinic check-in counter.  Just show your military identification card and provide some basic information to get started. 

Whichever method chosen, patients will receive a RelayHealth email message to complete registration.  Keep in mind that a response to this email is a MUST to complete registration.  This includes opening the email and agreeing to the terms of MiCare service.  Once done, access is granted to all the benefits of MiCare! 

Finally, healthcare teams are dedicated to responding to patient messages in a timely manner, usually within 24 hours (1 business day).  Just remember, urgent messages should not be communicated via secure messaging.  

For any questions or technical difficulties, the RelayHealth Customer Service telephone number is 866-735-2963, Option #1.  The MiCare point of contact at Joint Base Charleston is Capt. John C. Kramer, 628th Medical Group.