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NEWS | Sept. 9, 2015

Air Force Extends SAPR services to AF civilians

By Joint Base Charleston Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Office

As the Air Force continues to develop and implement Sexual Assault Prevention, Response and Education programs for all Airmen, Air Force civilians are now eligible to receive SAPR services.

The Department of Defense recently signed an exception to policy, granting the Air Force the authority to extend SAPR services. Air Force civilian employees, both APF and NAF employees, will now receive the same services as those already eligible to utilize SARC services, with the exception of legal and non-emergency medical services, which are restricted by law.

Sexual assault victims must report to an Air Force SARC since the policy is only for Air Force personnel.  Upon receiving an unrestricted report of sexual assault, SARCs and SAPR VAs will assist in contacting the appropriate law enforcement agency for Air Force civilians to ensure reports are properly investigated and prosecuted. Civilians will receive 24/7 crisis intervention and advocacy services. The SARCs and SAPR VAs will also be able to help civilians identify and contact additional off-base support organizations as needed. All reporting options will be identical to military members to include reporting incidents before this policy became in effect or before DoD employment.  Additionally, these reports will be included in Air Force numbers reported to DoD.

At this time, the policy has not been extended to retirees, DoD contractors or other DoD employees.

If you have any questions on your eligibility or would like to receive further information, please contact the Sexual Assault Prevention and Response office at 843-963-7880 or 843-963-7881.  If you would like to report a sexual assault, please contact the SAPR hotline at 963-7272.