NEWS | Sept. 9, 2015

September Is National Preparedness Month

By Joint Base Charleston's Emergency Management Office

September Is National Preparedness Month-- "Don't wait. Communicate! Make an emergency communication plan today."

Throughout the month-long campaign, you will receive preparedness tips. Take the time to discuss them with your families. 

National Preparedness Month culminates with a National PrepareAthon! Day. On JB Charleston, we will observe this day with a National Preparedness Month Fair at the Balfour Beatty Community Center on the Weapons Station, September 30, 2015 from 1500-1800.  Bring your families for fun, food and information! 

Do you have an emergency communication plan? Is it written so your entire family (kids too!) knows how to contact each other when cell phones or landlines are not working? Not sure how to write one? Don't worry! It's as easy as downloading a plan from or contacting the JB Emergency Management Office at 843-963-5333 or 843-794-7652.

-Create a sheet or card with all the phone numbers and information every individual in the family may need. Make sure every member of the family has a copy of the communication plan.
-Include a plan for what information will be communicated, i.e., status, location and contact time.
-Be aware that phone lines and cellphone towers may be overloaded or out during an emergency. Plan to use text messaging if other options are not available.
-Ensure every member of your family has a cellphone or a prepaid phone card.
-Establish an out-of-state, in-case-of-emergency (ICE) name and number.
-Save the ICE information in everyone's cellular phone.
-File a copy of emergency contact information with your chain of command if required.