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NEWS | Sept. 30, 2015

CFC open for giving

By JB Charleston CFC coordination team

The 2015 Combined Federal Campaign is currently underway for Team Charleston until Nov. 13.

The CFC is a program designed to give all federal employees an opportunity to donate to eligible non-profit organizations which provide health and human service benefits throughout the world.  These charities are reviewed on an annual basis by federal employee volunteers and only those that meet high standards are permitted to participate as part of the CFC.  The CFC has been going on for over 53 years and has a proven track record of efficiency.

The CFC is the largest and most successful annual workplace charity campaign, with more than 140 CFC campaigns held worldwide to help raise millions of dollars each year. The charities involved in the CFC focus on issues of those  needing assistance, including veterans and active duty military members and families,  the hungry, the homeless, the sick, the disabled, children and families in need, animals and the environment.

"CFC is an annual effort supported by federal employees who donate to local, national and international non-profit organizations," said SMSgt Shawn Brugh, JB Charleston coordinator.

Although Joint Base Charleston has not set a monetary goal, it's important to make sure everyone has the opportunity to give.

"Our goal is to make sure we contact 100 percent of JB Charleston personnel," Brugh said.

Joint Base Charleston falls under the Coastal Carolina region of the CFC that contributed more than $1.25 million last year.

"The Coastal Carolina region has set a goal of raising $1.3 million in order to top last year's donations," Brugh said.

CFC is convenient.  Most federal employees elect to pledge thru payroll deduction; pledging a specific amount to be withheld regularly from their pay beginning in January and continuing through December.  One-time gifts are also possible.  

In addition to the 2,200+ charities in the local campaign charity booklet from which to choose, donors may make a pledge to any of the 22,000+ charities that applied for and were approved to participate in their respective CFC Regions.  This is referred to as Universal Giving.  You can search through an online list of all charities available at 

Master Sgt. Sandra Coleman, 628th Airbase Wing CFC coordinator, said, "I donated a couple of years ago to something very dear to my heart, and one day I received a letter thanking me for how my donation helped save someone.  I can't think of a more rewarding feeling; every dollar counts. "

Those who donate $600 - $999 become Eagle club members, receive an Eagle challenge coin and a wooden display. Those who donate more than $1,000 are recognized as Keeper of the Light members and receive a butcher block cutting board with a laser etched CFC logo.