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NEWS | Oct. 14, 2015

Greetings from new SARC

By Christine Adcox Sexual Assault Response Coordinator

Hello Everyone! My name is Christine Adcox and I am the new SARC (Sexual Assault Response Coordinator). I am so happy to be here and working with JB Charleston Airman, dependents and civilian employees.

A little about me, I moved here from Marine Corp Recruiting Depot (Parris Island) where, for the previous five years, I was the SARC and Victim Advocate with the Family Advocacy Program. Prior to working with the military, I was in the civilian sector as a law enforcement officer. I conducted investigations and supervised the victim services and sex offender office.

Basically, I have been working with victims of crime for nineteen years. I love my job and the career path I have chosen. I graduated from Tri-County Technical College with an Associate's Degree in Public Safety and Park University with a Bachelor's of Science in Criminal Justice Administration. Currently, I am finishing up my Master's in Human Services Counseling and Criminal Justice. I have two sons who are both attending college.

I look forward to working with everyone!        
The SARC's Office is located on S. Davis Dr, building #246, room #118.
Office: (843) 963-7881
To reach the SAPR VA, TSgt Bandy (843) 963-7880

Just a reminder, to reach a Volunteer Victim Advocate 24/7 on ABW please call
(843) 963-7272 to report a sexual assault.
If anyone is interested in obtaining information on how to become a Volunteer Victim Advocate, please email: