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NEWS | Feb. 26, 2016

JB Charleston - WS tax center opens early March

By 628th ABW Legal Office

Tax season is well underway and the legal office has been operating the Base Tax Office providing tax assistance at the Air Base to the base population.  The Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) Center located at the Weapons Station will open on 7 March 2016 from 1300-1800 in Building 206, Room 123A (DEERS and ID cards office).  It is important to note, the Weapons Station location will only be able accommodate students and eligible staff assigned to NNPTC/NPTU.  All other active duty members, retirees and dependents in need of tax services must schedule an appointment at the Air Base in Salon A of the Charleston Club. 
Please remember that VITA volunteers are trained to accomplish basic, military and intermediate tax returns.  The VITA volunteers are not trained and are not able to provide advanced returns.  Examples of advanced returns include, but are not limited to, stocks, capital gains and losses, business income, other gains and losses, IRA deductions, foreign income and extensive rental property (active duty military members with moving expenses and who own rental property are still eligible for the VITA program).  
Tax returns are prepared by appointment only.  Due to the workload, the VITA Center is unable to assist clients on a walk-in basis.  Additionally, the tax center does not have the capability of making copies; therefore, clients must bring the original and one copy of the following items with them to their appointment:

· Military, retiree, dependent ID card to verify eligibility (copy of ID card is not required)
· Social Security Cards for all personnel to be claimed on tax return; or ITIN's, if applicable
· Bank Routing and account numbers (for direct deposit and electronic debit if applicable)
· Organized receipts that are applicable to your return (business, work related expenses, charitable, medical)
· All W-2 statements
· All applicable 1099s
· 1098-T (Tuition statement - if you were a student in 2013 you may need one. Usually arrives in March)
· Last year's federal and/or state return(s), if applicable
· Any documentation related to inflow and outflow of income

Military members are not required to use the tax centers to prepare or file their returns.  For many, do-it-yourself services offer an easy alternative to waiting for an appointment at the tax centers and for those with advanced tax returns.  The following web sites provide these do-it-yourself services:
Military One Source
H&R Block (No DoD endorsement intended)
Turbo Tax (No DoD endorsement intended)

Clients may schedule an appointment at the Air Base, by calling 963-1040 or 963-8297.  NNPTC/NPTU students and staff may schedule an appointment at the Weapons Station beginning 7 March by calling 794-2002 or 794-2003.  Because of the limited volunteers available to staff the Base Tax Centers, it may be difficult at times to answer all calls.  If you have trouble getting through to these numbers, contact the 628 ABW Legal Office for assistance: 843-963-5502.