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NEWS | March 10, 2016

Update on OPM data breaches

By Information Protection JB Charleston IP Office

Here is what you need to know:

1.  The AF remains committed to protecting our personnel from cyber incidents and assisting our impacted airmen throughout this process.  In furtherance, we ask all members to remain highly vigilant regarding malicious attempts to steal your personal data, to include credit data, phishing attempts and other sensitive information.

2.  The OPM website ( remains the authoritative source of information on the OPM Breach and the Federal Trade Commission's identity theft website ( outlines actions to take if your identity is stolen.  Automated updates are available for the OPM website via:  If you did not receive a notice from OPM but believe you may have been impacted, contact the OPM Verification center at:  or via phone at Toll Free: 866-408-4555; International 503-520-4453; or TTY 503-597-7662.

3.  Additionally, the OPM security breaches have prompted increased interest in the process personnel can take to obtain copies of their most recent e-QIP (SF85/SF85P/SF86), request copies of background investigation records and/or request amendments to investigative records.  The Federal Investigative Services (FIS) Freedom of Information and Privacy Act FOI/PA) website provides instructions on the request procedures and links to the request forms.  The website also provides instructions on how to submit handwritten requests.


--- To request a copy of your most recent e-QIP or Standard Form (SF) 85, SF
85P, or SF 86 use the "INV100A, Privacy Act Request for Completed Standard
Form 85/85P/86."
--- To request a copy of your background investigation records use the
"INV100 Freedom of Information, Privacy Act Record Request Form."
--- When someone has already received a copy of their records and wishes to
file an amendment request of the record(s) - use "INV100 Freedom of
Information, Privacy Act Record Request Form."

4.  If you have any questions please contact the Installation Information
Protection Office at 843-963-6194/7478/3616 .