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NEWS | March 10, 2016


By Mick Mahon, transition manager 628th Force Support Squadron

What is the AFW2 Program? It is a federally mandated program providing personalized care, services and advocacy to seriously wounded, ill and injured Recovering Service Members.

Who is eligible? Seriously wounded, ill, and injured Airmen regardless of the cause. Typically, Seriously Injured/Very Seriously Injured members are identified via a Casualty Morning Report or by a medical authority.

Who aids the Recovering Service Member? The Regional and local Recovery Team plays an integral part of the recovery process providing both medical and non-medical support and care coordination via a team consisting of the following members: 

Recovery Team  (RT)
Recovering Service Member (RSM)
RSM's Commander
Non-Medical Care Managers (NMCM)
Recovery Care Coordinators (RCC)
Medical Care Case Managers (MCC)
NOTE: The RSM's continuum of care will determine if all or some of the RT is assigned to case. 

What does the program offer? The program provides access to medical and non-medical services throughout the continuum of care. The program is designed to minimize delays and gaps in treatment and support services (non-medical).    AFW2 will help with a wide-range range of benefits and entitlements, including financial, employment, education, the Integrated Disability Evaluation System (IDES) and career and transition guidance.  RCCs have primary responsibility for developing a comprehensive recovery plan to identify the RSM's and family's needs and then connect with important resources.

What is the "we take care of our own" ethos?  This expression captures the AFW2 coordination management    process. The RSM remains assigned to his/her unit and under local leadership. The RSM and family don't have to move away from home...the support structure remains intact: co-workers, friends, church, unit and base leadership, base support services, local military treatment facility, legal, finance, Airman and Family Readiness Center, etc.

What programs are offered to Wounded Warriors through the AFW2 Program? The AFW2 Warrior Care Support Programs focus on specific personal and family needs through individualized support. Programs include:

Family Liaison Officer Program (FLO)
Caregiver Support Program
Special Compensation for Assistance with Activities of Daily Living Program (SCAADL)
Adaptive Sports & Reconditioning Programs
Recovering Airman Mentorship Program (RAMP)
Career Readiness Programs
Communication & Outreach Events and opportunities

Additionally, the RT can connect the RSM with additional DoD Programs:

Operation Warfighter (OWF):  This program allows the RSM to gain valuable work experience during recovery and rehabilitation. A Department of Defense internship program matches qualified wounded ill and injured service members with non-funded federal internships.  This process facilitates reintegration to duty and/or the civilian work environment where they are able to employ their newly acquired skills in a non-military work setting.

POC: Albert Welcher, email:, Phone: (757) 339-4750

Education and Employment Initiative (E2I): A Department of Defense program that assists wounded, ill and injured service members early in their recovery process to identify their skills and match them with the education and career opportunities that will help them successfully transition to civilian life. 

POC: Justin Miller, email:, Phone: (919) 820-0942

Where can I get more information on the AFW2 program?
Toll Free: (800) 581-9437
Airman and Family Readiness Center: (843) 963-4406