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NEWS | May 10, 2016

JB Charleston holds CCAF graduation

By Jacqueline Ford 628th Force Support Squadron

Joint Base Charleston held its semi-annual Community College of the Air Force (CCAF) graduation ceremony May 6, 2016 at 1430 at the Air Base Theater with 111 graduates receiving their diplomas.

     "It amazes me every day to see how these young Airmen are able to balance mission, family, professional and personal development," according to Mr. Darrell Nesbitt, Chief, Education and Training.  "You have to be a master of time management to do that."

     "Educating our Airmen ensures we remain the greatest Air Force and, collaterally, ensures a bright future for our country as Airmen transition into the general public becoming leaders in the civilian population.  The CCAF degree is just a stepping stone for some who plan to pursue more advanced degrees," Nesbitt said. 

     At JB Charleston, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, Park University, Southern Illinois University and Webster University offer follow-on programs, which are progressively more challenging and rewarding to the students.

April 2016 CCAF Graduates:

14th Airlift Squadron

Senior Airman Mark Darnell                    Aviation Operations
Senior Airman Vincenzo Denisi               Aviation Operations
Tech. Sgt. Casey Dover                          Aviation Operations
Staff Sgt. Henry Eissler                           Aviation Maintenance Technology and  Aviation Operations
Tech. Sgt. Milton Knight                          Aviation Operations and  Criminal Justice
Tech. Sgt. Thomas Litteer                       Aircraft Armament Systems Technology
Staff Sgt. James Moss                            Aviation Operations
Senior Airman Christopher Pherson       Aviation Operations

15th Airlift Squadron

Tech. Sgt. David Horne                            Aviation Management
Tech. Sgt. Christine Springer                   Aviation Management
Tech. Sgt. Wesley Taylor                         Aviation Operations

16th Airlift Squadron

Staff Sgt. Jonathan Akers                        Aviation Operations
Staff Sgt. Justin Bell                                 Aviation Operations
Master Sgt. Jason Brown                        Aviation Management
Staff Sgt. Jacob Carey                             Aviation Operations
Senior Airman Andrea Jansen                Aviation Operations
Staff Sgt. Tony Johnson                          Aviation Operations
Master Sgt. Justin Mulder                       Aviation Operations

373rd Training Squadron

Tech. Sgt. Jared Hess                             Instructor of Technology and Military Science
Staff Sgt. Jarrad Stephens                      Aviation Maintenance Technology

437th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron

Senior Airman Jacob Baker                     Avionic Systems Technology
Staff Sgt. Shayne Brisbin                         Aviation Maintenance Technology
Airman 1st Class Nicole Cassidy             Avionic Systems Technology
Staff Sgt. Joe Chamberlain                      Aviation Maintenance Technology
Tech. Sgt. Andrew Gravett                      Aviation Maintenance Technology
Staff Sgt. Bradley Hedgcorth                   Avionic Systems Technology
Senior Airman Nathan Hooven                Aviation Maintenance Technology
Master Sgt. Brian Leclaire                       Aviation Maintenance Technology
Staff Sgt. Berry Lynch                             Avionic Systems Technology
Tech. Sgt. Rashaad Murphy                   Aviation Maintenance Technology
Staff Sgt. Jennifer Smith                         Aviation Maintenance Technology
Staff Sgt. Matthew Soch                         Aviation Maintenance Technology
Staff Sgt. Jeffrey Sollinger                      Aviation Maintenance Technology
Tech. Sgt. Thomas Westra                     Aviation Maintenance Technology
Tech. Sgt. Christopher Williams             Aviation Maintenance Technology
Staff Sgt. Marcus Williams                      Aviation Maintenance Technology

437th Aerial Port Squadron

Staff Sgt. Ryne Delauter                         Transportation
Tech. Sgt. Jennet Dzemyan                   Transportation
Staff Sgt. Trisha Garrison                       Transportation
Senior Airman Andrew Jones                 Transportation
Staff Sgt. Theophilus Okrah                   Transportation
Senior Airman Joshua Orphan               Transportation
Staff Sgt. Stephen Russ                         Transportation
Staff Sgt. Samantha Varden                  Transportation

437th Maintenance Group

Tech. Sgt. Michael Exley                         Aviation Maintenance Technology

437th Maintenance Squadron

Senior Airman Taylor Bauer                      Electronic Systems Technology
Tech. Sgt. Nick Grgurich                           Aviation Maintenance Technology
Tech. Sgt. James Hurst                            Aircraft Structural Maintenance Technology
Staff Sgt. Logan Leonard                          Avionic Systems Technology
Senior Airman Christian Moskowitz          Aviation Maintenance Technology
Tech. Sgt. Benjamin Nielsen                    Aviation Maintenance Technology

437th Operations Group

Staff Sgt. Garrett Caskey                          Electronic Systems Technology

437th Operations Support Squadron

Senior Airman Manuel Joseph                  Aircrew Safety Systems Technology

628th Air Base Wing

Staff Sgt. Janelle Allen                                Information Management

628th Civil Engineering Squadron

Staff Sgt. Juan Ayon Loza                              Mechanical and Electrical Technology
Senior Airman Corey Barrett                           Fire Science
Staff Sgt. Justin Bellamy                                 Fire Science
Staff Sgt. Matthew Calloway                           Fire Science
Senior Airman Eduardo Cervantes Gonzalez Construction Technology
Senior Airman Wendle Deramus                     Fire Science
Staff Sgt. Lyle Flagg                                        Explosive Ordnance Disposal
Staff Sgt. Michael Ford                                    Fire Science
Master Sgt. Kurt Gartung                                Mechanical and Electrical Technology
Staff Sgt. Ryan Jamieson                               Mechanical and Electrical Technology
Senior Airman Michael Schaffer                     Explosive Ordnance Disposal
Staff Sgt. Joseph Schmitt                               Construction Technology
Senior Airman Andrew Spratt                         Fire Science
Senior Airman Bryan Thacker                        Fire Science
Staff Sgt. Christopher Whidden                      Mechanical and Electrical Technology
Tech. Sgt. Melynda Winter                              Entomology

628th Contracting Squadron

Tech. Sgt. David Tuscany                             Contracts Management

628th Communications Squadron

Staff Sgt. Kaneisha Lipscomb                        Information Management
Senior Airman Darrius Session                      Information Systems Technology
Staff Sgt. Londone Session                            Information Management
Senior Airman Jessalyn Willis                        Information Management

628th Force Support Squadron

Staff Sgt. Colleen Bailey                                 Instructor of Technology and Military Science
Staff Sgt. Jordan Fiebelkorn                           Instructor of Technology and Military Science
Tech. Sgt. David Hardy                                   Instructor of Technology and Military Science
Senior Airman Kyla Holmes                           Human Resource Management
Tech. Sgt. Carmen Lewis                               Restaurant, Hotel, and Fitness Management

628th Logistics Readiness Squadron

Senior Airman Devin Anderson                      Logistics
Staff Sgt. Petrice Crockett                              Logistics
Airman 1st Class Ryan Deetman                   Logistics
Senior Airman Terry Frazier                           Logistics
Tech. Sgt. Mark Heitkamp                              Logistics
Staff Sgt. Sean O'Connor                               Logistics
Staff Sgt. Eric Ramsey                                   Vehicle Maintenance
Tech. Sgt. Jason Reinke                                Logistics
Staff Sgt. Steven Stone                                  Logistics
Staff Sgt. Matthew Trevino                             Vehicle Maintenance

628th Medical Group

Senior Airman Brandon Lane                          Bioenvironmental Engineering Technology
Tech. Sgt. Silber Manuel                                 Diagnostic Imaging Technology
Staff Sgt. Adam Ruiz                                       Bioenvironmental Engineering Technology
Staff Sgt. Jacob Wielgosiek                             Physical Therapist Assistant
Senior Airman Brittaney Wigginton                 Dental Laboratory Technology

628th Security Forces Squadron

Staff Sgt. Charles Benton                               Criminal Justice
Staff Sgt. Larry Blue                                       Criminal Justice
Staff Sgt. Chelsea Burke                                Criminal Justice
Staff Sgt. David Corter                                   Criminal Justice
Staff Sgt. Jonathan Garrett                            Criminal Justice
Tech. Sgt. Tyrone Jackson                            Criminal Justice
Staff Sgt. Jonathan Lee                                 Criminal Justice
Staff Sgt. Jessica Nace                                  Criminal Justice
Staff Sgt. Daivd Rao                                      Criminal Justice
Staff Sgt. Kyle Shaughnessy                         Criminal Justice
Tech. Sgt. Carl Sole                                      Criminal Justice
Staff Sgt. Stephen Strickland                        Criminal Justice
Tech. Sgt. Marcus Thompson                       Criminal Justice
Staff Sgt. Jessica Torkelson                         Criminal Justice

Note:  Due to TDY, PCS and retirements, all of the graduates were not able to attend the ceremony