NEWS | May 31, 2016

Insurance updates critical

By Brian Harriman, casualty assistance representative 628 Force Support Squadron

Most servicemembers keep their records up-to-date because they receive automated reminders or leadership directs them to review their records. For example:

Most people are good about updating their virtual Record of Emergency Data (vRED).  If a life changing event doesn't cause an individual to review their vRED, the annual reminder from virtual Military Personnel Flight (vMPF) notifies them to do so.

What about the Servicemember's Group Life Insurance (SGLI) election?  Since there are no vMPF reminders, each member must verify/update their own SGLI election. This is important because failing to update your SGLI election could result in an incorrect person receiving your benefits. For example:

Recently, I met a divorced JB Charleston SSgt who married for a second time a year later.  The SSgt's vRED was up to date but the SGLI election still had the first spouse listed as the beneficiary for SGLI. The current spouse wasn't listed at all.

Verifying one's SGLI election can be done on the AF Portal by accessing the Air Force Personnel Center (AFPC) Secure web site.  Additionally, there is an option for a PRDA (Personnel Records Display Application).  The miscellaneous section has the SGLV 8286 form (the SGLI election form).  Each servicemember should review the most recent SGLV 8286.  It will show if a reduced SGLI amount was elected, who's been designated as the beneficiary (ies) and their contact information.

If the SGLV 8286 is correct, no further action is required.  If the form is outdated, a trip to Customer Service in bldg. 503 is required to make changes/updates.  Customer Service has a computer loaded with the latest SGLV 8286 form that can be completed and printed in the office.  While there, a Customer Service representative will annotate the appropriate portion of the SGLV 8286 and process the form for an official change/update.  The final steps for each servicemember are to check PRDA to make sure the new form makes it into their records and to check their LES to make sure the payroll deduction matches the election.

For questions about SGLI (including FSGLI and TSGLI), please contact, Brian Harriman, Casualty Assistance Representative, 628 FSS, JB Charleston, SC DSN: 673-6334, Commercial: (843)963-6334