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NEWS | June 1, 2016

vRide available at JB Charleston

By 2nd Lt. Rebecca Ryti 628th Logistics Readiness Squadron

Commuting to and from Joint Base Charleston can be expensive and time consuming, particularly when having to deal with the traffic around Charleston.

If you are looking for a way to save time and money while minimizing your carbon footprint, look no further than vRide. For nearly 40 years, vRide has been offering public vanpooling services to federal and private employers. vRide is now available to all employees at JB Charleston. 

All military employees, using a qualified mode of transportation, are entitled to a federal commute-to-work benefit. Effective Jan. 1, 2016, the federal government increased this benefit to a maximum of $255 per month with the intention of minimizing traffic congestion and reducing air pollution.   The change marks a 96% jump from 2015's $130 monthly benefit and translates to a much less expensive commute for many. vRide takes advantage of this opportunity and is passing the savings on to commuters.

Here's how vanpooling works:

To start a vanpool for JBC employees, vRide matches interested commuters based upon geographical location and commuting preferences. Once a pool of typically four-to-15 people is formed, vRide provides the van, vehicle insurance / maintenance, billing management and continual customer service.

The vanpool splits the van's monthly operating cost, which is primarily determined by vehicle model, the group's total commuting expenses (including mileage, gas, parking and tolls) and number of vanpoolers. The total is then reduced, by incorporating each rider's and (or) vanpool's monthly benefit and (or) subsidy, including the up-to $255 maximum benefit for federal employees.

Additionally, riders choose from various vehicle models and year options, including minivans, sport utility vehicles and full-sized passenger vans; as well as multiple vehicle features, including Wi-Fi, front and rear air conditioning and heating, reading lights and subscription radio services.

After receiving a vehicle, vanpool members create their own guidelines, including pick-up and drop-off points, timing and general preferences. One of the greatest vanpooling concerns is perceived lack of freedom. However, the Guaranteed Ride Home program provides a ride home on days where an earlier or later departure is needed. Additionally, there is no long-term commitment - the vRide program is month to month.

In 2015, vRide helped: Take 12-million vehicles off the road, save more than 47-million gallons of gas; a monetary savings of more than $115 million, removing 480,000 tons of carbon monoxide and dioxide out of the air.

Interested? Think you might want to join the vRide community? Let's get to know each other through this quick 8 question survey >><<

For further information or to join a vanpool contact Si Wofford at (843) 371-8163 or