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NEWS | June 16, 2016

Sexual assault in the news

By Janine Deccola, SAPR victim advocate Joint Base Charleston - WS

A California judge's decision to sentence Stanford University student, Brock Turner, to six months in jail for sexually assaulting a woman has created a national backlash. 

The episode has reopened the discussion about the definition of sexual assault and what the legal punishments are. It also reminds us society's level of understanding and education about sexual assault varies widely. 

The survivor wrote a powerful and poignant victim impact statement. In the statement, she described how she seemed to be the one who was scrutinized over every little detail of what she did or did not do. Her statement can be viewed on this website: 

The Department of the Navy created the Sexual Assault and Prevention Response (SAPR) Program to provide active duty service men and women training for sexual assault prevention.  The SAPR program also provides victims of sexual assault an initial point of contact, one-on-one direct interpersonal support, crisis intervention, referrals, ongoing support and other services. 

Any active duty member or dependent 18 year of age and older who has been a victim of sexual assault may contact the Navy SAPR program on the 24/7 hotline at 843-478-8615 or the Air Force SAPR Program at 843-963-7272.