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NEWS | Jan. 9, 2007

Commanders Comments

By Col. Glen G. Joerger 437th Airlift Wing

Team Charleston, 2007 is almost here and what a phenomenal year we had in 2006. As we begin to reflect on the amazing accomplishments of the past year, I'd like to highlight some of the early 2007 award winners we've just received.

The 437th Civil Engineer Squadron is a dynasty! It has once again been selected for the Air Mobility Command Curtin Award as the best CE Squadron of the Year (small unit) - the second win in as many years. Additionally, the Fire Protection Flight garnered its second Outstanding Fire Protection Flight trophy in four years, while the Environmental Flight received its second consecutive Outstanding Environmental Flight Award. The Resources Flight was also named best in the command while Mr. Jeffrey Garrett was named CE Senior Civilian Manager of the Year! CE's efforts (as well as those from every member of Team Charleston) earned the pollution prevention award for the base. Well done!

The 437 AW Safety Office also landed a few awards, including the AMC Distinguished Flying Unit Safety Award for the best office in the command. The AMC Safety Officer of the Year is Capt. Myers Grey, while the AMC Safety Officer of the Year Award (additional duty) was won by 2nd Lt. Tabitha Rand, 437th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron. Of the five Flight Safety Awards in AMC, Charleston won 3! In addition, Tech. Sgt. Elliot Reed earned the Chief-of-Safety Medical Achievement Award ... simply phenomenal!
Col. Donnalee Sykes, 437th Medical Group commander, was selected to attend the 2007 Military Healthcare System Capstone Course. What a great opportunity for you - well deserved!

Finally, I'd like to congratulate Col. Steven Harrison, 437th Airlift Wing vice commander and Col. Joseph Mancy and Col. Joseph Wiley, 437th Operations Group deputy commanders, for their selection for command. I'm confident each of these fine officers will do great things at their next assignments.

Thanks to Charleston AFB's Logistics Officer Association for hosting crud after the officers' farewell. Once again, it was a great time.

The city of North Charleston will host the Air Force Heritage of America Band as they perform a holiday concert Monday at 7 p.m. at the North Charleston Performing Arts Center. The public has been invited to this special event so please make it there if you can and enjoy an evening of holiday music with members of our great community.
As we participate in today's Wingman Day, continue to think of our wingmen who are deployed and those in the local community who may need a helping hand. This is the season of family ... each of you should spend as much time with your loved ones as possible while making sure that your extended Team Charleston family is taken care of as well.

We must not, however, forget to take care of ourselves. It's sometimes difficult to find time to exercise during the busy holiday season. The great food served up this time of year doesn't help our waistlines much, either. Nonetheless, please continue to stay fit to fight! The Air Force doesn't expect you to stay fit just to pass an annual test. Your fitness level directly correlates to your combat readiness. Especially in the environment downrange, your ability to respond to an emergency may save the lives of your fellow servicemembers. We're saving lives everyday and need everyone to be physically prepared for that challenge.

Team Charleston -- One family, one mission, one fight!