NEWS | Dec. 7, 2010

DoD releases WikiLeaks guidance

By Joint Base Charleston Public Affairs

Department of Defense military, civilian and contractor personnel have been directed not to access the WikiLeaks website to view or download publicized classified information.

Doing so could introduce potentially classified information on unclassified networks.

There has been rumor that the information is no longer classified since it resides in the public domain. This is not true. The subject information was not "declassified" by an appropriate authority and requires continued classification or reclassification.

Do not attempt to access the WikiLeaks website or access WikiLeaks information using search capabilities.

If someone else asks you about the WikiLeaks material or the validity of this suspect information, remember that you can never confirm or deny the validity of leaked government information. Any comment by you could be treated as an official confirmation by a government spokesperson.

You can visit the Information Assurance Support Environment website and read the DOD WikiLeaks guidance at

For any questions, contact the Command Security Manager at 764-7673 or 963-6194.