NEWS | Dec. 23, 2010

IB Express Hazmart now open

By Todd Hobart, IBEXPRESS 628th LRS

Joint Base Charleston-Weapons Station has adopted a new Hazardous Material Management Program as a one-stop shop.

The new program, IB Express Hazmart, provides the installation with a standard way to manage HAZMAT procurement and to comply with Environmental, Safety, and Occupational Health requirements. IB Express Hazmart is a means of authorizing and procuring HAZMAT conveniently and timely while reducing the overall consumption and hazardous wastes at JB CHS-WS.

IB Express Hazmart has been in operation for more than 10 years, at JB CHS-Air Base, and the program has demonstrated the ability to reduce hazardous material procurement, usage and hazardous waste generation. The program achieved this through the combination of management controls, automated information system support and alternative product recommendations.

In accordance with Air Force Instruction (AFI) 32-7086, Section 2.3.1, the Hazmart on JB CHS-WS will provide customer service related to procurement, stocking, issuing and shelf-life management of HAZMAT for those shops they service. All HAZMAT (government and non-government) entering the installation must be tracked through the HAZMART.
The objectives of the Hazmat Management Program are:
  • Shops are required to purchase through the HAZMART, in accordance with AFI 32-7086, Section 2.3.1
  • Support accomplishment of joint base missions while minimizing HAZMAT usage
  • Provide standardized HAZMAT service to the customer\
  • Ensure HAZMAT authorization, verification, issue and usage conform to all appropriate ESOH requirements
  • Issue HAZMAT in the smallest quantities required to support authorized mission requirements
  • Track HAZMAT by process and facility location
  • Enter all required HAZMAT data into the approved tracking system Enterprise
  • Environmental, Safety and Occupational Health Management Information System
  • Provide HAZMAT data to support installation requirements
  • Minimize dependence on HAZMAT
To better serve the installation, contact the IB Express Hazmart with your list of mission critical or frequently used HAZMAT items. IB Express Hazmart also offers free delivery on JB CHS-WS.

IB Express Hazmart is located at:

2350 Red Bank Rd, Bldg. 15, Goose Creek, S.C.

Hours of operation are 8 a.m. to 3:30 p.m., Monday through Friday

Telephone Number: 764-7419 or 764-7813
Fax Number: 764-4029