NEWS | Jan. 19, 2011

Marrington Elementary School Virtue of the Month

By Ann Schuler, Marrington Elementary school counselor

Marrington Elementary School has a very special character education program called "Virtue of the Month." Each month, the teachers select children from their classrooms who best demonstrate a specific character virtue that they have learned in class. The featured virtue for the month of December was "generosity." In school, in work or in life, being generous is a wonderful quality that will ultimately be recognized and rewarded.

The "generosity" Virtue of the Month winners for the month of December were:

101 Brynn W.
102 Deven M.
103 Gabriel C
104 Joslyn W.
105 Hayley D.
203 Molly O.
204 Kaila W.
205 Shade' W.
301 Emily O.
302 Cerena G.
303 Matthew V.
304 Kaytlyn J.
401 McKayla G.
402 Nastaccia T.
403 Aliya J.
404 Leia S.
405 Brittany M.

Marrington School is proud of all the "virtuous" students that come to school every day because as character development increases, higher student achievement goes right along with it!