NEWS | Jan. 26, 2011

LCAP Inspection Scheduled Feb. 4-11

By Maj. Jason Engle, commander, 437th Maintenance Operations Squadron

More than 2,500 personnel from 315th Maintenance Group, 437th Maintenance Group and 628th Logistics Readiness Squadron are ready for the upcoming Air Mobility Command Logistics Compliance Assessment Program inspection.

The LCAP team, with 52 inspectors, arrives Feb. 2 and will be inspecting the groups and squadron on their logistics processes. The LCAP inspection period, Feb. 4 to 11, evaluates a unit's ability to perform key logistics processes in a safe, standardized, repeatable and technically compliant manner. The previous Logistics Standardization and Evaluation Program inspection, which occurred in May 2009, resulted in an "Outstanding" rating for all the units.

The Charleston logistics system and ultimately the Air Force logistics system depends on its valued Airmen. Too many times when there is a mishap, the details involve an Airman rushing to complete a task. Personal injury is unacceptable and 'bending metal' must be eliminated so the logistics pipeline operates efficiently. The LCAP inspection team is visiting to ensure Joint Base Charleston Air BaseĀ meets its logistics standards during this challenging time in the nation's history. Team Charleston's Airmen, who are responsible for the largest C-17 fleet in the Air Force, are prepared to meet that standard.

Before any inspection, it is important to understand the directions. Air Force Instruction 20-111 spells out the LCAP grading criteria and can easily be found on e-pubs. The LCAP focus areas include: compliance with nuclear surety, a qualified and proficient workforce, compliance with technical orders, instructions, manuals, directives, facility and equipment condition and asset accountability.

The inspectors will look at Team Charleston's logistics tasks, quality assurance proficiency and instructor and trainer ability. The final score is calculated by dividing the total number of passed events by the total of all events. Events are defined as evaluations and inspections. Deductions are assessed a one-half percent penalty for each previous 'major' LCAP finding and safety violation, tech data violations and unsatisfactory condition reports.

The chart displays the grading system and the actual point breakdown. If every Airman performs the tasks they have been trained on with a positive attitude, JB CHS - AB will excel. As always, safety is Team Charleston's top priority and the key to success.

Grading Scale: Calculations:

95 - 100% = Outstanding

1. Calculate the unit's baseline score. Baseline Score: 135 passed events divided by 150 total events = 90%.

2. Calculate the deductions. Deductions: 4 penalties (2 DSVs + 1 TDV + 1 repeat) multiplied by .5% = 2%.

3. The unit overall grade is calculated by subtracting the deductions from the baseline score. Unit Overall Score: 90% baseline - 2% deductions = 88%.

90 - 94.99% = Excellent
80 - 89.99% = Satisfactory
70 - 79.99% = Marginal
0 - 69.99% = Unsatisfactory