NEWS | Feb. 2, 2011

Mail Order Pharmacy saves time and money

By 628th Medial Support Group

The TRICARE Mail Order Pharmacy or Express Scripts is the mail order pharmacy service used by the Department of Defense. It is less costly for patients and the DoD than retail pharmacies. It also offers the convenience of home delivery of medications and is available to TRICARE beneficiaries.

By using the TRICARE Mail Order Pharmacy, a 90-day supply of medicine can be purchased for the same co-payment as a 30-day supply in network retail pharmacies: copayments for a 90-day supply delivered to your home are $3 for generic, $9 for formulary brand, and $22 for non-formulary medications.

Refills can easily be re-ordered by mail, phone, online or by signing up for auto refills that will be sent to your mail box automatically.

Prescriptions are delivered directly to your home-with free standard shipping. Using the TMOP can save the time and effort of making trips to the pharmacy.

Home delivery represents significant savings to the DoD compared to retail. The average cost to the DoD for a 90-day supply of a brand medication is $294 at retail but only $169 through TMOP home delivery, 43% less. Every week more than 200,000 prescriptions are home-delivered through the U.S. mail. The Military Health System goal is to increase this to 500,000 per week. This represents a potential savings of more than $238 million per year.

In order to use the TMOP:
  • Patients can register by mail, phone (1-877-363-1303) or online: (click on the pill bottle on the left hand side of the screen). 
  • Download the mail order form at:, fill it out and send the form with prescriptions and a check, money order or credit card number for co-pay payment directly to: Express Scripts, Inc., PO Box 52150, Phoenix, AZ 85072.
  • Refills can be ordered easily by mail, phone, or online. Prescriptions can be transferred from a retail pharmacy or MTF's by calling the Member Choice Center. The MCC will contact the physician directly to authorize a new prescription.
  • Patients can contact the MCC by phone at 877-363-1433 to get started or online using the "Change to Home Delivery" feature at
  • Physicians can fax new prescriptions for registered patients directly to Express Scripts (1-877-895-1900).
In order to refill a prescription via TMOP: 
  • Use the toll-free number on your TMOP prescription bottle.
  • Order refills quickly and easily using your online account.
  • When a prescription is received via Express Scripts, a refill form is included with the first shipment. Use the envelope provided to mail the refill form to Express Scripts. Mail the refill form about three weeks before your current supply will run out. If mailing the form before then, the order may be delayed. Also, make sure the prescription has not expired.
  • Prescriptions usually arrive at a U.S. postal address within 14 days. To make sure refills are received before the current supply runs out, re-order at least two weeks before the refill is needed. Allow a few extra days for APO/FPO delivery. With the automated refill service, refills arrive on time automatically.