NEWS | Feb. 2, 2011

Online I.D appointment scheduler speeds process

By Eric Sesit

If there is one thing almost everyone in the military can agree on is waiting in line to get a new Identification Card can be almost as painful as getting a root canal.

But now, that pain can be eliminated as Joint Base Charleston has unveiled its new online appointment system for I.D. cards.

According to Air Force 1st Lt. Ryan Peake, Military Personnel 628th Force Support Squadron chief, the 628 FSS and the 315th Force Support Squadron have a new website that allows anyone requiring an I.D. card to make an appointment as opposed to picking a number and waiting in line.

"The Personnel Support Detachment at JB CHS - Weapons Station has had an online system for appointments for quite a while," said Lieutenant Peake. "We researched their system and have now implemented it into the 628 FSS and 315 FSS.

Now, with a few clicks of a mouse, an individual needing an I.D card can choose a location that is convenient for them and at a time that suits their schedule.

The website,, is easy to use. Users can select the location to get their new I.D card by selecting from various menus listing states, buildings or zip codes. The site will then take them to a page where they can choose between PSD at JB CHS - WS, the 628 FSS or the 315 FSS on JB CHS - AB, depending on where they want their card made.

Once the location is chosen, a new screen will appear telling the users what dates and times are available for appointments. Once a specific date is chosen, another screen will allow the user to pick a time for their appointment. Only available appointment times are posted, so there is no chance of double booking. The website also informs applicants what paperwork is required and the hours of operation.

After the date and time are chosen, another screen will appear asking for contact information including the applicants name, command, phone number and an email address which is used to confirm the appointment date and time.

"The beauty of this system is that when people schedule appointments, it spreads our work flow throughout the day," said Lieutenant Peake. "It also gives our customers the flexibility to schedule appointments and not have to waste their time waiting in line. Our waiting room can be full of people waiting their turn, but if someone has an appointment, that individual will be in and out much quicker than our customers pulling a number."