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NEWS | Feb. 8, 2011

This week in Air Force history

By Joint Base Charleston Public Affairs

Feb. 6, 1948 - The Army successfully used electronic guidance on a V-2 rocket for the first time in a 70-mile ascent at White Sands Proving Ground, N.M.

Feb. 7, 1994 - A C-141 Starlifter landed in Antarctica on a natural "Blue Ice" runway to prove that wheeled aircraft could operate there during the summer.

Feb. 8, 1967 - Strategic Air Command launched a Thor missile from Vandenberg Air Force Base, Calif. This was the last Thor launched until 1980.

Feb. 9, 1983 - The first re-winged C-5A made its first flight from Lockheed's plant in Marietta, Ga.

Feb. 10, 1994 - Lt. Jeannie Flynn, the first woman selected for U.S. Air Force combat pilot training, completed training in an F-15E Eagle.

Feb. 11, 1944 - Eighth Air Force conducted a radar bombing attack on important German chemical plants.

Feb. 12, 1973 - A U.S. Air Force C-141 landed in Hanoi to pick up the first returning POWs.