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NEWS | Feb. 16, 2011

This week in Navy history

By Joint Base Charleston Public Affairs

Feb. 13, 1854 - Admiral Perry anchored off Yokosuka, Japan, to receive the Emperor's reply to a treaty proposal.

Feb. 14, 1778 - John Paul Jones on USS Ranger received the first official salute to the U.S. Stars and Stripes flag by a European country at Quiberon, France.

Feb. 15, 1898 - The U.S. battleship Maine blew up in Havana Harbor, Cuba.

Feb. 16, 1804 - Lt. Stephen Decatur, with volunteers from frigate Constitution and schooner Enterprise, entered Tripoli harbor by night in the ketch Intrepid to burn the captured frigate Philadelphia. Decatur's raid succeeded without American losses.
England's Lord Nelson called the raid "the most daring act of the age."

Feb. 17, 1864 - Confederate submarine H.L. Hunley sank USS Housatonic.

Feb. 18, 1944 - An amphibious force under Rear Adm. Hill landed troops on Engebi Island, Eniwetok.

Feb. 19, 1945 -  Marines with naval gunfire support landed on Iwo Jima; the island was secured March 16 March.