NEWS | Feb. 18, 2011

LCAP results in two outstandings, seven excellents

By Eric Sesit Joint Base Charleston Public Affairs Office

The Logistics Compliance Assessment Program visit, conducted Feb. 4 through 11 is over. The purpose of the visit was to evaluate the 437th and 315th Air Wings ability to perform their mission in accordance with established Air Force and Air Mobility Command policies and directives, focusing on evaluating the effectiveness of personnel and logistics processes.

"Overall, I am pleased with the results of our LCAP inspection. A team representing some of the best and brightest from throughout the command spent a week rigorously inspecting our Team Charleston Logisticians as evidenced by the more than 1,500 inspections," Col. James Clavenna, 437th Maintenance Group commander, said.

Overall, the 437th and 315th Airlift Wings performed admirably as reflected by LCAP team chief, Col. Robert Straw's comments. Joint Base Charleston's inspired dedication, skill and professionalism were definitely evident during the inspection, Colonel Straw said, and the entire Joint Base Charleston team showed great initiative and advanced preparation.

The inspection resulted in several squadrons receiving an 'Excellent' rating while the 437th and 315th Maintenance Operations Squadrons achieved a score of 'outstanding'.

"The team recognized our Airmen for their pride, enthusiasm, compliance and safe aircraft maintenance, transportation, supply and logistics," Colonel Clavenna said. "They also identified numerous outstanding performers. And, as with any inspection, we'll leverage the feedback to make our great team even better. That's what professionals do ... and that's what makes us the best Air Force in the world!"

437th Maintenance Operations Squadron
315th Maintenance Operations Squadron

628th Logistics Readiness Squadron
628th Mission Support Group
437th Aerial Port Squadron
437th/315th Quality Assurance
437th Maintenance Squadron
315th Maintenance Squadron

The following individuals were recognized by the LCAP team for their outstanding performance:

Tech. Sgt. Dirk Braun, 628th Logistics Readiness Squadron
Tech. Sgt. Robert Cummings, 437th MOS
Tech. Sgt. Zachary Moore, 315th MXG/QA
Tech. Sgt. Christopher Pyatt, 315 MXG/QA
Tech. Sgt. Ronald Roper, 437 MOS
Tech. Sgt. Clifford Thebodeau, 437 MXG/QA
Tech. Sgt. Jason Whitehead, 437 MS
Staff Sgt. Andrew Clyde, 437 APS
Staff Sgt. Justin Diggins, 315 MS
Staff Sgt. Yoshika Enlow, 437 MOS
Staff Sgt. Lamar Frazier, 437 MXS
Staff Sgt. Wallace Kirtz, 437 MOS
Staff Sgt. Ruben Melendez, 437 AMXS
Staff Sgt. Casey Norton, 437 APS
Staff Sgt. Joseph O'Neill, 437 APS
Staff Sgt. Ryan Parrish, 437 AMXS
Staff Sgt. Michael St. Pierre, 315 MXS
Staff Sgt. Rhett Young, 437 MXS
Senior Airman Tracy Bitto, 437 MXS
Senior Airman Anthony Burdett, 628 LRS
Senior Airman Calen Coloma, 628 LRS
Senior Airman Zan Dean, 628 LRS
Senior Airman Joseph Dooley, 437 MXS
Senior Airman Kevin Meredith, 437 MXS
Senior Airman Megan Miles, 437 APS
Senior Airman Ryan Nielson, 437 AMXS
Senior Airman James Nippler, 437 MXS
Senior Airman Jessica Owen, 315 MOS
Senior Airman Nicholas Pyle, 628 LRS
Senior Airman Marvin Richardson, 437 APS
Senior Airman Jeremy Severn, 437 AMXS
Senior Airman Ryan Shaw, 437 MXS
Airman 1st C lass Tyler Derr, 437 AMXS
Airman 1st Class Kenneth Harris, 437 MXS
Airman 1st Class Travis Hicks, 437 MXS
Airman 1st Class Jeffrey Montgomery, 437 APS
Airman 1st Class Nicholas Nothnagle, 437 APS
Airman 1st Class SS Bryan Queen, 628 LRS
Airman 1st Class John Peffer, 628 LRS
Airman 1st Class Aaron Williams, 437 APS
Airman 1st Class Nicholas Woods, 437 APS
Airman Steven Stone, 628 LRS
Airman Basic Kassidi Laronga, 628 LRS
Mr. Jermaine Pryor, 437 MXS