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NEWS | March 23, 2011

Managing your move

By From the U.S. Transportation Command's website, MOVE.MIL

As the peak Permanent Change of Station moving season approaches, service members now have the ability to utilize the Defense Personal Property System. DPS is a full-service tool that provides an improved-move-process for all eligible members of the Department of Defense. Using DPS, service members can create and submit applications for their move and receive on-line personal property counseling, monitor the progress of their shipments, file a claim for losses and complete a customer satisfaction survey.

Before utilizing DPS, service members must first register for a DPS account. The DPS system can be accessed from any computer with internet access. Although service members do not have to have PCS orders in hand to establish an account, they are required in order to complete the counseling portion and secure a pickup date for the actual move.

After logging into the DPS portal website, take a few minutes and watch the introductory video as it provides an excellent overview of the entire moving process. There are also several how-to guides on completing a household goods shipment.

The website also allows users to:

- self-counsel and submit an application online, instead of visiting a transportation office; however certain DoD customers should not self-counsel in DPS at this time. These customers should visit their local transportation office to coordinate their move. A list of those who should not self-counsel is on the site.

- track shipments through DPS or the interactive voice response at anytime.

- update contact information at any time. Keeping contact information current is vital to expediting a service request and meeting customer move expectations.

- file a claim online and settle directly with the Transportation Service Provider

- make sure only quality, reputable companies handle and ship future servicemembers' personal belongings by completing the customer satisfaction survey seven days following delivery.

All eligible customers must establish a DPS user account whether they plan on completing an on-line application or visiting a personal property office for a one-on-one counseling session. Establishing an account prior to visiting a personal property processing office will help avoid delays in preparing a shipment application. If self-counseling, it's important to remember that once an application has been submitted, it still needs to be forwarded along with a set of orders and signed application to the appropriate transportation office. This is required before any applications can be processed. Once a shipment has been created by the counselor at the transportation office, it can be tracked in DPS, contact information can be updated, and delivery dates can be established.

For more information, contact your local transportation office at: 843-963-2253/56/61.