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NEWS | April 5, 2011

Greg Poe

By Greg Poe

Greg Poe flies the remarkable ethanol-powered Fagen MX2, a green-energy super plane capable of incredible speeds and maneuvers. He performs with this unique aircraft all over North and Central America, amazing crowds with unbelievable aerobatic feats. The plane is a 21st century carbon-fiber wonder, showcasing the culmination of several cutting-edge technologies to create the ultimate unlimited aerobatic aircraft.

Fagen MX2 Specifications

Lycoming IO-540 highly modified by Lycon Performance

Horsepower: 385 hp

Stall speed: 69 mph

Weight: 1,350 lbs.

Roll rate: 420 degrees per second

G limits: +/- 16 G

Top speed: 275 mph

Propeller: Hartzel 3 blade composite