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NEWS | April 26, 2011

With the ORI coming, the 315th is on the clock

By by 1st Lt. Joe Simms 315th AirLift Wing Public Affairs

Members of the 315th Airlift Wing received hands-on instruction during the combined April Unit Training Assembly, in preparation for the November Operational Readiness Inspection.

The hands on training included weapons familiarization, self-aid and buddy care and how to survive and operate in Mission Oriented Protective Posture gear.

"A cross section of instructors throughout the wing evaluated 328 individuals on their ability to perform SABC under pressure," said Capt. Wayne Leneau. "Under a looming 10 minute time limit, many students found the exercise to be a great refresher course and an opportunity to apply their knowledge."

ORI primaries and alternates were required to diagnose and treat a number of injuries on medical dummies under the time limit, with only their Airman's manual to guide them.

"It was a great exercise. It forced us to act quickly and assess the situation under the eyes of an instructor the whole time knowing the clock is winding down," said Tech. Sgt. Scott Mathews, a 315 AW airmen who participated in the training.

"Evaluators recommended participants tab their manuals and practice using scenarios frequently within their units," Capt. Leneau continued. "Following these suggestions should lead to faster and more accurate responses."

Self-aid and buddy care is only one item that will be evaluated during the ORI. Classes were also held Saturday morning to familiarize Airmen on how to safely handle and operate an M-16 rifle and M-9 hand gun,  and how to properly wear the MOPP gear. Those individuals that didn't participate this UTA will complete the training next month.