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NEWS | April 25, 2011

Military Cohort provides opportunity for military children

By 2nd Lt. Susan Carlson Joint Base Charleston public affairs

Incoming Joint Base Charleston families will be excited to learn The Military Cohort, a partnership between JB CHS and Charleston County Schools, was approved by the Charleston County School District board April 11.

The cohort extends the application deadlines for military children for specific magnet schools within Charleston County, allowing children of families who are notified of a permanent change of station after the normal school application deadlines expire, to still apply and attend magnet schools.

"The intent behind the cohort was to create an opportunity for children to apply, get in and complete their military tour with some stability in their education," said JB CHS school liaison officer Christ Gerry.

The normal application deadlines for magnet school programs end before the major transfer cycles for military personnel. In addition, a Charleston County address must be provided in order to apply for the magnet schools.

"The application timelines for these magnet schools are December for application submission, January screening and notification in March," said Mr. Gerry. "Because of the demand for these schools, the opportunity to attend is knocked out for any family that comes in after December."

The limited access to arts infused programs and the limited school choices for military families arriving at the base drove the need for a system change.

"So the question asked a few months ago was, 'How do we provide access to these educational programs these children are locked out of through no fault of their own," Mr. Gerry said. "The Military Cohort became our answer."

The cohort currently extends the deadlines for two magnet schools in Charleston County: Academic Magnet High School and the Charleston County School of the Arts. The School of the Arts deadline is now the last working Friday of May and the deadline for AMHS is July 1. The requirements for applications and admission have not changed.

Both magnet schools boast rigorous high school curriculums coupled with high standards of excellence that are consistently maintained.

For more information on The Military Cohort or applying to magnet schools please contact the JB CHS School Liaison Office at (843) 963-4438.