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NEWS | May 3, 2011

This week in Navy History

By Joint Base Charleston Public Affairs

May 1, 1898 - At the Battle of Manila Bay, Adm. George Dewey defeated the Spanish at Manila, Philippines.

May 2, 1975 - The U.S. Navy departed Vietnamese waters at the end of evacuation operations.

May 3, 1861 - The USS Surprise captured the Confederate privateer Savannah.

May 4, 1917 - The first Navy ships, Destroyer Division 8, arrived at Queenstown, Ireland, to provide convoy escorts against German U-boats.

May 5, 1961 - Navy Cdr. Alan Shepard Jr. made the first U.S. manned space flight in Freedom 7 (Mercury 3) which lasted 15 minutes and 28 seconds, reached an altitude of 116.5 statute miles with a velocity of 5,134 mph.

May 6, 1909 - The Great White Fleet anchored in San Francisco, Calif.

May 7, 1779 - The Continental Navy sloop Providence captured the British brig Diligent off Cape Charles.