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NEWS | May 3, 2011

JB CHS - WS Branch Library enhanced through joint basing

By Machinist's Mate 3rd Class Brannon Deugan Joint Base Charleston public affairs

Sailors at Joint Base Charleston-Weapons Station may have noticed improved services offered on base since joint basing began Oct. 1, 2010, and the most recent improvements have taken place at the JB CHS - WS branch library.

With a completely renovated look, the JB CHS - WS branch library now offers Sailors and Airmen a more welcoming and relaxing environment. It also provides additional services and resource materials to help further improve a service member's personal and professional education.

"It's important that Sailors and Airmen who live near, or work on JB CHS - WS have a library capable of supporting their needs," said Angela Aschenbrenner, director of JB CHS libraries. "Because of joint basing, additional funding was made available for renovating the JB CHS - WS branch library. This narrows the gap between the two facilities while improving the atmosphere and customer service for both."
Along with aesthetic changes, the library now offers new services including the inter-library loan program.

"The inter-library loan is a service that was made possible through joint basing," said Ms. Aschenbrenner. "If a customer is registered at the JB CHS - WS branch library and the material they need is at the JB CHS - Air Base library, the staff will bring that book to the branch location for the customer. This way the customer doesn't have the inconvenience of having to drive to the other location to find the material they may need."

Another new service is the availability of books currently on the New York Times Best Sellers list.

"This is one of the more popular changes we have made at the JB CHS - WS branch library," said Ms. Aschenbrenner. "These books are rentals from a distribution center and can be sent back once the books are not being utilized by patrons. This means new books will continuously circulate on the shelves, which is great for our customers."

The best seller selection and the inter-library loan program are just two improvements helping ensure the JB CHS - WS branch library is supporting its quality of life support mission for its patrons.

"With new materials for the JB CHS - WS and AB libraries, service members are offered an ample amount of study aids to help them achieve either their personal education goals or to increase their professional military development," said Ms. Aschenbrenner.

"We are making these improvements to offer better customer service," said Vivian Skipworth, JB CHS - WS branch library facility manager. "Service members and their families deserve the best quality service. With joint basing, the JB CHS - WS branch library's capability to provide better products and services has increased significantly."

Also, starting this past Tuesday, the hours of operation changed at the JB CHS - WS library. The new hours will be from 10 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Tuesday through Friday and from noon to 5 p.m. on Saturdays.

For further information please visit NSA Branch Library or call 764-7900.