NEWS | May 17, 2011

This week in Air Force History

By Joint Base Charleston Public Affairs

May 15, 1956 - The 309th Troop Carrier Group, with C-123 aircraft, deployed to Freux, France. This was the first time this plane appeared in Europe.

May 16, 1968 - Military Airlift Command airlifted 88.5 tons of food and relief material to Ethiopia in response to a flood.

May 17, 1942 - Igor Sikorsky and Les Morris flew the Sikorsky XR-4 to Wright Field, Ohio to deliver the Army's first helicopter.

May 18, 1992 - A production C-17 Globemaster III flew for the first time in a flight from Long Beach to the test facility at Edwards Air Force Base, Calif.

May 19, 1980 - The Air Force launched its first Tomahawk ground-launched cruise missile at the Utah Test and Training Range.

May 20, 1978 - McDonnell Douglas delivered its 5,000th F-4 Phantom to the services.

May 21, 1969 - The C-5A Galaxy became the heaviest aircraft flown to date in a flight from Dobbins AFB, Ga., with a 728,100-pound takeoff weight. This exceeded the C-5s designed gross weight takeoff load by 100 pounds.