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NEWS | June 1, 2011

Continuing education: 166 Airmen receive associate degrees

By 628th Force Support Squadron

One hundred-sixty Airmen were honored for receiving their associate degrees during the annual Community College of the Air Force recognition ceremony held May 26, at the Joint Base Charleston - Air Base theater. The guest speaker for the event was Chief Master Sgt. Terrence Greene, 437th Airlift Wing command chief.

According to Mr. Darrell Nesbitt, 628th Force Support Squadron education and training chief, the purpose of education in society is to maintain cultural heritage and improve both, the society and the individual.

"In the Air Force, education serves to promote the inter-related goals of self-development, citizenship and career advancement," Mr. Nesbitt said. "For more than 20 years, CCAF has fulfilled the mission of enhancing Air Force readiness by improving the technological, managerial and leadership skills of the enlisted force."

2011 CCAF Graduates Degree

628th Aerospace Medical Squadron
Senior Airman Donald Jenkins               Bioenvironmental Engineering Technology
Staff Sgt. Marcus Maltese                         Bioenvironmental Engineering Technology
Staff Sgt. Cassandra Rule                       Healthcare Management
Tech. Sgt. Tamara Strong                        Bioenvironmental Engineering Technology
628th Air Base Wing
Staff Sgt. Daniel Bowles                           Public Affairs
Tech. Sgt. Susan Edmonds                     Logistics
Staff Sgt. Genniviv Herald                         Paralegal
Tech. Sgt. Erica Hightower                       Human Resource Management
Staff Sgt. Robert Sizelove                         Public Affairs

628th Civil Engineer Squadron
Staff Sgt. Michelle Bates                           Emergency Management
Master Sgt. Brian Jacobsen                     Mechanical & Electrical Technology
Senior Airman Ryan Nolan                      Construction Technology
Staff Sgt. Stephanie Pyles                        Fire Science
Staff Sgt. George Schmalz                       Explosive Ordnance Disposal
Tech Sgt. Stephen Thompson                Fire Science
Staff Sgt. Justin Voorhees                       Explosive Ordnance Disposal

628th Communications Squadron
Tech. Sgt. Eric Cicogna                            Information Systems Technology; Transportation
Master Sgt. Veronica Giacovelli              Information Management
Staff Sgt. Jeffrey Idol                                  Information Systems Technology

628th Comptroller Squadron
Master Sgt. Harley Davis                          Human Resource Management

628th Contracting Squadron
Staff Sgt. Tarha Burchell                           Avionic Systems Technology

628th Force Support Squadron
Staff Sgt. Lilliana Harris                            Restaurant, Hotel and Fitness Management
Tech. Sgt. Brandon Hutchins                   Transportation
Tech. Sgt. Robert Payne                           Aerospace Ground Equipment Technology
Master Sgt. Ricky Smith                            Social Services

628th Logistics Readiness Squadron
Senior Airman Heather Cheney                Logistics
Senior Airman Calen Coloma                   Logistics
Staff Sgt. Candelario Gallegos                 Vehicle Maintenance
Master Sgt. Oran Jett                                   Logistics
Master Sgt. Brian Johnson                         Logistics
Master Sgt. Joseph S. Landreth                Logistics
Staff Sgt. Michael Leimbach                       Logistics
Senior Airman Nicholas Pyle                     Logistics
Tech. Sgt. Jacob Sanchez                          Maintenance Production Management
Staff Sgt. Kevin Serrano                    Human Resource Management; Vehicle Maintenance
Master Sgt. Thomas Tate                           Logistics
Senior Airman Nelson Vasquez                Logistics
Master Sgt. Graham Vitalis                        Vehicle Maintenance

628th Medical Group
Senior Airman Jessica Campbell             Medical Laboratory Technology

628th Medical Operations Squadron
Master Sgt. Jennifer BrooksSimmons     Allied Health Sciences
Tech Sgt. Jason Gilbert                               Mental Health Services

628th Medical Support Squadron
Tech. Sgt. Devin Bermudez                         Logistics

628th Security Forces Squadron
Tech. Sgt. Jason Dietrick                             Criminal Justice
Staff Sgt. Gina Oliveras                                Criminal Justice
Staff Sgt. Kamisha Pruitt                              Criminal Justice
Staff Sgt. Daniel Sherrill                               Criminal Justice

437th Aerial Port Squadron
Staff Sgt. Ryan Amos                                    Transportation
Staff Sgt. Michael Benson                            Transportation
Tech. Sgt. Nonglaks Dyer                            Transportation
Staff Sgt. Johnathan Eubanks                    Transportation
Staff Sgt. Willie Hoover                                 Transportation
Staff Sgt. Joshua Humble                           Transportation
Staff Sgt. Jessica Miles                                Transportation
Airman 1st Class Dale Perchert                Transportation
Master Sgt. Matthew Perkins                      Transportation
Senior Airman Candace Reese                 Transportation
Staff Sgt. Chase Schexnayder                    Transportation
Tech. Sgt. Keverick Simmons                    Transportation
Staff Sgt. Kathryn Wood                               Transportation
Tech. Sgt. Brian Woodley                            Transportation

437th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron
Airman 1st Class Alexander Acosta          Avionic Systems Technology
Staff Sgt. Joshua Ano                                   Avionic Systems Technology
Staff Sgt. James Bower                               Aviation Maintenance Technology
Airman 1st Class Matthew Bowers           Aviation Maintenance Technology
Master Sgt. Michael Bright                          Aviation Maintenance Technology
Staff Sgt. Cloyed Brown                               Aviation Maintenance Technology
Master Sgt. Shawn Brugh                           Aviation Maintenance Technology
Master Sgt. Christine Campbell                Avionic System Technology
Staff Sgt. Thomas Campbell                      Avionic Systems Technology
Master Sgt. Brian Collins                            Avionic Systems Technology
Tech. Sgt. Johnathan Douglass                Aviation Maintenance Technology
Staff Sgt. Matthew Hampton                       Aviation Maintenance Technology
Tech. Sgt. William Henke                            Aviation Maintenance Technology
Staff Sgt. Jonathan Houghton                     Avionic Systems Technology
Master Sgt. Craig Matusik                           Aviation Maintenance Technology
Tech. Sgt. Robert Moore                              Aviation Maintenance Technology
Staff Sgt. John Paull                                     Aviation Maintenance Technology
Senior Airman Anthony Rodriguez            Aviation Maintenance Technology
Tech. Sgt. Matthew Spillars                        Aviation Maintenance Technology
Master Sgt. Royce Williams Jr.                  Aviation Maintenance Technology

437th Airlift Wing
Master Sgt. Joseph Goyette                         Aviation Maintenance Technology

437th Maintenance Group
Master Sgt. Jason Plummer                         Information Management
Staff Sgt. Gary Pongetti Jr.                            Aviation Maintenance Technology
Tech. Sgt. Clifford Thebodeau                     Aviation Maintenance Technology

437th Maintenance Operations Squadron
Staff Sgt. Christopher Cook                          Aviation Maintenance Technology
Tech. Sgt. Amy Kshir                                      Maintenance Production Management
Senior Airman Jennifer Lopez                      Aviation Maintenance Technology
Staff Sgt. John Toth                                         Education and Training
                                                                            Aviation Maintenance Technology
437th Maintenance Squadron
Staff Sgt. Edgar Ayalarodriguez                   Aviation Maintenance Technology
Senior Airman Devon Brown                       Aerospace Ground Equipment Technology
Airman 1st Class William Cliff                    Aerospace Ground Equipment Technology
Master Sgt. George Diaz                              Aerospace Ground Equipment Technology
Master Sgt. Thomas Faron                          Aerospace Ground Equipment Technology
Senior Airman Andrew Giles                       Aviation Maintenance Technology
Staff Sgt. Derrick Gonzales                          Aviation Maintenance Technology
Staff Sgt. David Hardy                                   Munitions Systems Technology
Senior Airman David Schultz                       Aviation Maintenance Technology
Master Sgt. Jack Taylor                                Aviation Maintenance Technology
Master Sgt. Robert Thaman                        Aviation Maintenance Technology
Staff Sgt. Jessica Thweatt                           Aerospace Ground Equipment Technology

437th Operations Support Squadron
Staff Sgt. Lalaine Bailey                               Aircrew Safety Systems Technology
Senior Airman T. Michael Farmer              Aviation Management
Tech. Sgt, Gregory Ford                  Aviation Maintenance Technology; Aviation Operations
Staff Sgt. Michael Haid                                  Intelligence Studies Technology
Staff Sgt. John Konkol                                   Survival Instructor
Master Sgt. George Northup                        Transportation; Aviation Operations

14th Airlift Squadron
Staff Sgt. Daniel Kaminske                          Aviation Operations
Staff Sgt. Christopher Rapp                         Aviation Operations

15th Airlift Squadron
Staff Sgt. Michael Barker                              Aviation Operations
Staff Sgt. Wesley Spring                               Aviation Operations

16th Airlift Squadron
Staff Sgt. Matthew Conn                               Aviation Operations
Tech Sgt. Adam Scripture                       Explosive Ordnance Disposal; Aviation Operations
Master Sgt. David Turnage                          Human Resource Management

17th Airlift Squadron
Staff Sgt. Lucas Crumpton                         Aviation Operations
Tech. Sgt. Marlon Jackson                         Education & Training Management
Senior Airman Scot Kirkpatrick                  Aviation Operations
Senior Airman Gina Trapina                      Aviation Operations
Master Sgt. Stephen Wilkerson                 Human Resource Management

14th Weather Squadron
Master Sgt. Lois Ellingson                         Weather Technology
Master Sgt. David Elliott                              Weather Technology
Staff Sgt. Phillip Tori                                    Weather Technology

1st Combat Camera Squadron
Master Sgt. Lisa Bailey                                Public Affairs
Tech Sgt. Adrienne. Brammer                    Public Affairs
Tech. Sgt. Elton Bulluck Jr.                         Electronic Systems Technology
Tech. Sgt. Brendan Cochran                      Electronic Systems Technology
Master Sgt. Shane Cuomo                         Audiovisual Production Services
Staff Sgt. William Knight                              Public Affairs
Staff Sgt. Henry Lancaster                          Audiovisual Production Services
Master Sgt. Kristina Mullins                        Human Resource Management
Tech. Sgt. Bernard Wilson                          Audiovisual Production Services

373rd Training Squadron
Tech. Sgt. Joshua Chambliss                    Instructor of Technology & Military Science
Tech. Sgt. Yolandra Cobb                            Education & Training
Staff Sgt. Jake Darracott                              Aviation Maintenance Technology
Tech. Sgt. Shawn Delang                            Instructor of Technology & Military Science
Tech. Sgt. Bryan Doughty                             Instructor of Technology & Military Science
Tech. Sgt. Brian Freeman                            Instructor of Technology & Military Science
Staff Sgt. Kenneth Glowacki                        Aviation Maintenance Technology
                                                                          Instructor of Tech. & Military Sci.
Staff Sgt. Sarah Hall                                      Aviation Maintenance Technology
                                                                           Instructor of Tech. & Military Sci.
Staff Sgt. Aaron Hellman                              Instructor of Technology & Military Science
Tech. Sgt. Paul Higgins                               Aviation Maintenance Technology
Staff Sgt. Theodore Holliger                        Instructor of Technology & Military Science
Staff Sgt. Thomas Hunzinger                      Aviation Maintenance Technology
                                                                          Instructor of Tech. & Military Sci.
Tech. Sgt. Ryan Isensee                              Instructor of Technology & Military Science
Master Sgt. Amanda Lynch                          Instructor of Technology and Military Science
Tech. Sgt. Matthew Morrison                       Instructor of Technology and Military Science
Tech. Sgt. Ryan Newbury                             Instructor of Technology and Military Science
Tech. Sgt. John Pryhoda                              Instructor of Technology and Military Science
Tech. Sgt. Kevin Rab                                     Information Systems Technology
Staff Sgt. Jacob Roberts                               Instructor of Technology and Military Science
Tech. Sgt. Reliot Rodriguez                         Aviation Maintenance Technology
Tech. Sgt. Christopher Simmons               Aviation Maintenance Technology
                                                                           Instructor of Tech. & Military Sci.
Tech. Sgt. Jerry Wall                                      Instructor of Technology and Military Science
Tech. Sgt. Richard Watkins                          Instructor of Technology and Military Science
Staff Sgt. Matthew Westad                            Instructor of Technology and Military Science

Staff Sgt. Lateshia Nunn                               Human Resource Management

Field Investigations/Det 310
Senior Airman Ryan Navarro                       Criminal Justice

Security Forces/Det 3
Master Sgt. Carl McCoy Jr.                           Criminal Justice
Master Sgt. Anthony Mullins                         Criminal Justice