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NEWS | June 14, 2011

This week in Air Force History

By Joint Base Charleston Public Affairs

June 12, 1948 - Congress passed the Women's Armed Service Integration Act, establishing women in the Air Force.

June 13, 1968 - A Titan IIIC launch vehicle placed eight Defense Communication Satellite Program jam-proof satellites into an equatorial orbit.

June 14, 1993 - The 437th Airlift Wing at Charleston Air Force Base received its first operational McDonnell Douglas C-17A Globemaster III.

June 15, 1969 - The second C-5A set several records; heaviest takeoff at 762,800 pounds and heaviest landing with 600,000 pounds.

June 16, 1941 - Consolidated's B-24 Liberator entered the Air Corps inventory. It flew faster and farther than the B-17. More than 18,000 B-24s entered the inventory during WWII.

June 17, 2003 - The U.S. Air Force awarded 34 aircrew members from Charleston AFB, the Distinguished Flying Cross for actions in Operation Enduring Freedom. Eight recipients earned the DFC during the first night of humanitarian relief operations in Afghanistan Oct. 7, 2001, while the others received the DFC for inserting Marine forces at the Rhino Landing Zone near Kandahar, Nov. 28 - 30, 2001. They also accomplished three C-17 operational milestones: the first C-17 combat landings on an unimproved dirt strip; the first missions by C-17 special operations low-level aircrews in hostile conditions; the first use of night vision goggles by C-17 aircrews to make blacked-out approaches and landings in hostile territory.

June 18, 1965 - Strategic Air Command B-52s are used for the first time in Vietnam when 28 aircraft, flying from Guam, struck Vietcong targets near Saigon.