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NEWS | July 18, 2011

Air Force History – July 22

By Joint Base Charleston Public Affairs

July 17, 1990 - The 60th Military Airlift Wing, 62nd MAW and the 374th Tactical Airlift Wing delivered 582 tons of relief supplies and moved 2,475 passengers to Clark Air Base, Philippines after a 7.7 earthquake devastated the village of Baguio.

July 18, 1967 - For the first time, an HH-3E Jolly Green Giant helicopter was refueled by an HC-130 during a rescue mission.

July 19, 1941 - Capt. Benjamin Davis reported to the Tuskegee Institute in Alabama with 12 black aviation cadets to begin flight training.

July 20, 1969 - Astronauts Neil Armstrong and Edwin "Buzz" Aldrin Jr flew the lunar module Eagle to the Sea of Tranquility, where Armstrong took the first step on the moon.

July 21, 1972 - Pacific Air Forces airlifted 2,000 tons of food, medical supplies and other relief supplies to Luzon through Aug. 15 for flood victims in the Philippines. C-130s, and H-3 and H-43 helicopters airlifted more than 1,500 passengers, disaster relief teams and medical evacuees.

July 22, 1948 - Military Air Transportation Service deployed men and equipment to establish an Airlift Task Force in Germany to relieve Berlin. Maj. Gen. William Tunner commanded the Task Force operations under U.S. Air Forces in Europe's operational control.

July 23, 1956 - At Edwards Air Force Base, Calif., Lt. Col. Frank "Pete" Everest flew the Bell-X-2 at a record speed of Mach 2.87, over 1,900 mph.