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NEWS | Aug. 2, 2011

Kids have fun learning about finance at FFSC

By Melanie Branham Fleet & Family Support Center financial specialist

A group of military children got a little taste of the world of personal finance thanks to two days of camp held July 27 and 28 at the Fleet and Family Support Center at Joint Base Charleston - Weapons Station.

The "Kids' FUNancial Camp" was held July 27 and taught the children about the basics of money: earning, spending and saving. The children also participated in discussions about money and played games with financial themes.

The second day of camp, "Camp Millionaire," offered children the opportunity to experience real-world scenarios. The students were assigned as employers and employees for the day and received a "paycheck." Students learned about the various taxes and deductions subtracted from their paychecks and then had to decide how much to spend, save and donate.

According to instructor Kim Brown, campers left knowing how to make, manage and invest their money. They also were taught the skills needed to think and develop the habits of a wealthy person and how to give back to their communities.

"Kids don't care about checkbooks and credit cards yet because they don't have to use them. This camp shows them why it's important to care about money now so they don't pay a hefty price later in their lives," Brown said.