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NEWS | Aug. 8, 2011

This week in Navy History

By Joint Base Charleston Public Affairs

Aug. 7, 1942 - A Navy Amphibious Task Force landed Marines on Guadalcanal, Solomon Islands in first United States land offensive of World War II.

Aug. 8, 1959 - Project Teepee, an electronic system used to monitor 95 percent of earth's atmosphere for missile launchings or nuclear explosions was announced. The system was developed by William Thaler, Office of Naval Research physicist.

Aug. 9, 1945 - A second atomic bomb was dropped, this time on Nagasaki, Japan. A Navy weaponeer armed the device.

Aug. 10, 1964 - The Gulf of Tonkin Resolution was signed and was used as the starting point of the Vietnam Conflict.

Aug. 11, 1960 - USNS Longview, using Navy helicopters and frogmen, recovered a Discover satellite capsule after 17 orbits. This was the first recovery of a U.S. satellite from orbit.

Aug. 12, 1958 - USS Nautilus (SSN-571) arrived at Portland, England completing the first submerged under ice cruise from the Pacific to Atlantic Oceans.

Aug. 13, 1870 - The armed tug Palos became the first U.S. Navy ship to transit the Suez Canal.