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NEWS | Sept. 6, 2011

This week in Air Force History

By Joint Base Charleston Public Affairs

Sept. 4, 1996 - A C-141 Starlifter from the 305th Air Mobility Wing at McGuire Air Force Base, N.J., evacuated 30 passengers from Bujumbura, Burundi, to Nairobi, Kenya, to remove them from the danger of a civil war in Burundi.

Sept. 5, 1986 - A U.S. Air Force C-141 Starlifter flew Americans injured during a hijacking at Karachi Airport, Pakistan, to Frankfurt, Germany, for medical treatment.

Sept. 6, 1995 - Air Mobility Command coordinated an Air Transport International DC-8 mission from Charleston AFB to Zagreb, Croatia, to carry 18 pallets of pharmaceutical and medical supplies for victims of the civil war in the former Yugoslavia.

Sept. 7, 1995 - Two 436th Airlift Wing C-5s from Dover AFB, Del., airlifted gas turbine generators from Ramstein AB, Germany to Incirlik AB, Turkey, to provide electrical power for Kurdish refugees living in northern Iraq.

Sept. 8, 1981 - The C-X aircraft was renamed as the C-17

Sept. 9, 2000 - Two C-17s, one from Charleston AFB and one from Altus AFB, Okla., picked up 160 paratroopers from Fort Bragg, N.C.'s 82nd Airborne Division at Pope AFB, N.C., and then flew 20 hours nonstop to a drop zone near Almaty, Kazakhstan. The paratroopers joined troops from Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgystan, and other NATO partners in Operation Centrazbat 2000, a humanitarian assistance and peacekeeping field training operation.

Sept. 10, 1956 - First flight of the F-107.