NEWS | Sept. 8, 2011

Getting the message out

By Lt. Col. David Stroud 437th Airlift Wing Commander's Action Group director

Twelve Commander's Calls in one week; that's just what Col. Erik Hansen, 437th Airlift Wing Commander did the last week of August. Hansen took his message to his people holding three Commanders Calls a day for four days. The colonel wanted to get up close and rub shoulders with his folks - to hear what was on their minds and listen to what they had to say. So he went to them; to the units, shops and squadrons where his Airmen work every day.

First Sergeants reported that their Airmen enjoyed the conversational environment and openness as they spoke with the wing commander about issues and hot topics that affect them - from dorm mattresses, the feasibility of a 24-hour gym and food vendors in the dorms to deployment issues.

"The fact that the colonel took time out of his day to spend time with us and listen to what was on our minds says a lot about our senior leadership," commented a senior airman.

Hansen spoke with the Airmen about mission accomplishments, where the Wing has been and what's on the horizon. Some of the highlights included recent Wing AFSO21 successes, The Charleston Way, and the numerous community projects 437 AW Airmen have participated in. Hansen also took time to coin and recognize several outstanding Airmen.

"It was a marathon week," Col Hansen acknowledged, "but we're stronger and feel better because of it!"