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NEWS | Sept. 22, 2011

JB CHS libraries offer online learning resources

By Airman 1st Class Jared Trimarchi Joint Base Charleston Public Affairs

Charleston students have been in school for nearly one month, and the Joint Base Charleston libraries are now offering online learning resources for students of all ages.

There are two online programs currently available, the Transparent Language Online program and tutoring services through

The Transparent Language Online program contains pronunciation, speech, grammar, writing and vocabulary building lessons for more than 80 languages. The program is available to all service members, civilians, retirees and family members online at

"More than 80 languages are available through the program and it's a quick way to learn another language," said Ashley Barrineau, reference librarian from the 628th Air Base Wing Force Support Squadron.

The program is designed for recreational use, self development and even as a resource for students taking a language class, she said.

The program contains video-based grammar lessons, social media resources and cultural learning resources for language learners at all proficiency levels.

"A great use for the program is for service members and their families who have received permanent change of station orders to a foreign speaking location," Barrineau said.

Air Force users must register in person at the JB CHS-Air Base library to gain access to the website and Navy families may register through their Navy Knowledge Online account. Those who are deployed can register by visiting a location with a learning resource center.

For a broader source of different subjects is available for students in kindergarten to college.

" is an online tutoring program designed to help students who are struggling with school in any subject," said Chris Gerry, JB CHS-Air Base school liaison. "All tutors are certified in their fields and it's a great tool for any student; whether you are in middle school, high school, college or getting a GED."

Gerry said the program has proven to be a hit among students and is a great success.

"There are currently more than 100 students a month using the online help and the numbers continue to grow," he said. "All feedback received from the program has been positive."

One anonymous 11th grade student from JB CHS left a comment on the site which read, "My tutor was amazing and I think I'll actually pass my test tomorrow."

The site is available for active-duty service members and their families. Additionally, Guard members, Reservists and Department of Defense civilians in a deployed status and their families are eligible for the program. Those who are eligible can register at

Providing students free access to is another way the military is helping develop and care for service members and the families through quality of life programs, Gerry said.

"Being in the military can be stressful for both parents and children," he said. "When a student is struggling in a math class and one of his parents is deployed and the other hasn't been in school for a long time, it's hard for that student to get personal attention. provides that attention to all students. And when you have a student who was struggling in a class succeed, there is no better feeling of relief for the parents."

Erin Tindell contributed to this story.